Are we about to get there



For years we have been going from one new thing to another faster smaller bigger slower and so on. Always we seem to want something else, but in most cases, we do at some time get to the point that building something faster smaller bigger slower and such seems to slow down for a while. I can remember the years when games on tv like atari were the thing, then they reached that point that for 10 or so years they seem to have stopped. Now they are going again because the took a big step forward.
Computers for the past 15 or so years have been getting faster smaller bigger and such but now most of us are satisfied with there speed and size and in no big hurry to replace the one we have. HD tv I had dish and could have got it but my movies and tv look just fine so I am in no hurry for HD. Could we be at the point that most will say don’t need it. I would really be nice if we were at that point and all the companies that are trying to get us to change our equipent and replace our movie had to eat all that investment. I think there has to a point when people say enough is enough. but are we there yet with home computers and tv and movies?


I still update my PC every 12-18 months, however - if I didn’t play games there would be a much bigger gap between updates.


I do not play games so I really do not see any use in updating anymore. to old and would get hooked on them so I stay with chasing the wife.


I’ve reached that point with optical drives :iagree:
I’ve got 6x DVD Writers, with only 1 commonly used, 2 others used when the first is busy. The newest is rarely used, and the oldest & best NEC3500 is in semi-retirement.

As to the rest … it’s all kind of old-hat. Technology hasn’t got that much to offer anymore. Flash is kick arse & HD’s are on the run :wink:

LCD has alot to offer us, but isn’t yet. Plasma is a patch between CRT & LCD :stuck_out_tongue:
Rear projection is getting there, but still isn’t.

DVD->HD DVD/Blu-ray … I still don’t have a TV decent enough to watch it anyway (waiting for the 6yr old 68cm SD TV to die), with no intention on forking out on something that has a very limited life and is DRM crippled anyway :expressionless:

I’m awaiting the huge increase in storage that Blu-ray offers. HD-DVD capacity doesn’t thrill me.

As to CPU’s … how fast can they get? They’ve almost reached the pinnacle … they’re busy slapping extra cores in, and the greatest motivator, games, aren’t thrilling me as much as they used to, and few utilise the extra cores regardless.

Everyone elses thoughts?


I pretty much only replace things as they break down.
I bought a new pc last year, but my previous one was 5 years old (and is still working well as a music editing and file storage system). The main reason for replacing was the slow speed and inability to run new software.
For tv, I do have bigscreen HDTV projection tv - got it about 2 years ago when plasma / LCD was still painfully expensive. That was an expensive toy for watching football and movies. :slight_smile: My main tv is the old style tube, and will stay with me until death do us part.

A lot of the time we don’t need to replace these gadgets, but are kind of forced to by the constant cycle of innovation pushed along by tech companies. One company I read about (it may have been HP) try to bring in completely new models and specs for technology replacement every 2 years. It keeps their income reliable, and their comeptitors on the run, as few of them have the same kind of budget for innovation as HP.

I see Blu Ray etc as more of the same. DVD is fine, but sales are slowing as the market matures, so companies have something new to boost performance.
I’m luke warm about the whole thing…


I agree that ‘chasing the wife’ is the best game ever invented. With all the technology in the world, nothing has come close.

As far as computers, I have changed partners (from timex synclair to commodore 64 to 8088 to 8086 to a 2,3,486 and up) too many times and it has become more expensive than a divorce. My servers run duo pIII’s with 2gig ram a piece (6gig total) and I don’t need anything faster.

Who remembers how to program a timex synclair?


I don’t play games like I used to, so some parts of my PC will probably remain in their current state for awhile (onboard VGA and audio)…unless I get a PCIe graphics card 'cos the slot’s there.

I will add more RAM, that’s a given, and maybe another HDD.

But after that, no upgrades apart from the obvious burners (addiction, anyone?) for quite some time, I should think. :slight_smile:



I’m satisfied with both of my rigs - and outside of moving out of the stock HP case when the warranty expires in April - with what I do - I can’t outrun either one of my rigs (below)-eh!


You can rest assured that the japanese are on to it.
I believe they made a special suit awhile ago … and have you seen their computer games … OMFG!


The suit thing sound too bizzar. I guess I’m an old schooler.

There is one new computer accessory I would like to get. I hear the solid state hdd are starting to hit the market (I think most call them flash hdd now).

I was looking at these about 7 or 8 years ago but it was about $10k for a few hundred meg.