Are Verbatim disks actually better than cheaper (ritek etc) media?

Can someone please explain the pros and cons of using Verbatim media as opposed to the cheaper stuff. Also do you reckon its possible for cheaper media to wear a drive down quicker (laser and servos)?


Folks here like Verbatim, there are no cons other than price compared to the junk.

Search these forums, there are probably a few hundred Verbatim posts to peruse.

If you are only going to be using the cheap disks for short time storage, like basic transferal of data, then you may not have too many problems with them.

For any information you want to last more than a few months, you should use good quality disks. Verbatim is often recommended because it is easier to buy locally. If I’m going to the trouble of ordering blank dvds online, I’d buy Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks instead, even though they tend to be more expensive than Verbatim, since Verbatim goes on sale fairly often.

The only two major players I see that is worth buying is Verbatim and TY but
with the new kid on the block [B](FTI Falcon Technologies)[/B] it might just very
well be moved up to three major players to buy from. :iagree:

I used nothing but Ritek back when 4x was the fastest you could buy because it worked great in my ps2 then when the 8x discs came out I was getting lots of problems with them and started hearing a lot of buzz about TY so I switched to TY and only ever got 1 bad batch of value line discs.

After my current spindle is done I am going to try some Falcon media been hearing a lot of good things about them and the scans I have seen on here look good.

Never tried Verbatim or Falcon but Taiyo Yuden is bomb!

just make sure you stay clear of the value line stuff though