Are verbatim digital vinyl cd-rs okay to burn ps1 games on?

i asked my mom to go to best buy to buy me verbatim cd-rs so that i can burn ps1 games on them
and she came home with the digital vinyl ones

i mean they look dope lol but i was wondering if theres any difference between these and regular cd-rs? besides the look
and if they’d be fine to burn games on pc/ps1

Welcome to Cdfreaks allenkazaam.

They will most likely be CMC (possibly Prodisc) so they are below average quality at best.

They are a standard cdr so yes you can burn PS1 games on them, like MegaDETH said they are likely to be CMC(bottom looks goldish) but they can also be MCC discs(bottom is a green colour) and if they are then there very good.

thanks a lot and thanks for the welcome to cdfreaks lol
but ya i just dont wanna open them to find out what kind they are in case i need to return them

what should i use cd-r wise?

Any cdr should work on a PS1, lower quality disc may not work as well especially if its either an old PS1 or has a weak laser. Taiyo Yuden and proper Verbatim(mcc mid) work very well on PS1’s.

Just curious where are the Vinyls made? india or china?? mine are MII and are Verbatims MCC discs.

china and how do you know if theyre mcc and what is mcc

Made In China Verbatims are not univerally regarded as good - even when they’re using the AZO dye - btw “MCC” refers to the disc media code, for DVDRs, MCC (anything) means “Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation” which in turn means that the superior AZO dye is being used. With Verbatim, DVDs are usually MCC/Azo, but for CDs, it could be anything.

If your family can buy stuff online, I can point you to some good online shops that sell Taiyo Yuden media. TY = best.

ya i can buy them. i just hope they’re cheap

What speed are those verbatim CDs you bought?


JUst try to get TY cds

Well (and I’m assuming you are in the United States) my favourite American online media shop is Genesys DTP. Just off the front page, click “Taiyo Yuden” under “Shop By Brand”

There, you can get a 50 pack of unbranded Taiyo Yudens for $13.50.

thats awesome thanks! but why is shipping so much

I know this may be a bit late to the party, but looking at the link you provided, and the Taiyo Yuden discs on the site, my question is, are the all the same? Or is there a particular type of their discs that you’d recommend. Also, I see that they have black CD-R’s on their site, how would these do for burning PS1 games?

Hi Korvas and welcome to the forum :flower:

I simply would not know an answer to your question, but I have found the black CD-Rs to be great for burning music. I have yet to find a player that will not accept them :slight_smile:

Some PS1 freak will have to pop in to answer your original question :flower:
I did burn a few games years ago, but can’t remember how I went about it. It worked though and the discs were not black.

Yeah, I know. It’s so hard to find any concrete information regarding this anywhere. It’s spotty at best. Some recommend the darker discs, some say don’t, some say that the JVC brand is good, some say Verbatim is better, etc. I can’t find any rock hard source.

Thanks for the welcome :smiley:

I think that you simply have to try and see if burning a backup using black CD-Rs works. Trouble is of course that since it was sold between 1994 and 2000, most resources once found on the net concerning PS1 are long gone. Still you could see if any information turns up using the WayBack Machine.

With that said, you have come to the right place for discussing quality of blank media for general storage :wink:

I have seen three types of Verbatim Vinyl CD-R:-

  1. Jewel-cased, Made in Taiwan by CMC using Mitsubishi/Verbatim “Type 1” Metal Azo dye

  2. Jewel-cased or bulk pack, Made in Taiwan by CMC using phthalocyanine dye

  3. Bulk pack, white printable, Made in China by CMC using Mitsubishi/Verbatim “Type 3” Super Azo dye