Are TYG02s safe to burn at 12x on a NEC ND-3550A 1.06 f/w?

I just purchased a NEC ND-3550A and updated to 1.06 firmware. Disk Identifier and Nero say that the max burn speed on my Taiyo Yuden TYG02 (Premium Line) disks are 12x when they are marked as 8x. I’ve been burning these disks at 8x with a rebadged Aopen 1616 without issue (no coasters after 85 disks). Should I burn at 8x or is it safe to burn at 12x with the 3550? I want to have high quality burns that are relaible and last.

Both speeds will work fine.

Burns on TYG02 have rather high PIE error totals. Over time these can increase as the media decays. Upping the burn speed to 12X will increase these errors, especially at the end of the disc where it is hardest to burn accurately. I searched high and low over the last year just to find a burner that would do TYG02 at 8X up to my standards (admittedly very high) and the 35xx series of NEC burners would not do it. I would not go to 12X if I wanted the best burn possible. The time saved on the burn is just a few minutes. However, as vroom says, they will probably be playable now.

You might want to find someone with a Liteon burner who can scan both discs so you can make an informed judgement and see if the increase in errors is worth the time.

Thanks for the quick responses.

Why wouldn’t I be able to scan the disks myself in the NEC drive? Do Lite-On drives give more accurate scan results?

my 3500/3520/4570 burns these very well :slight_smile: i never had any problem, atleast after almost 2 years, but maybe you are right, no need to go to the limit just to save 1-2 minutes.

Yes they do scan better :).


What speed do you burn your TYG02s at with your NEC drives? I think I will heed chas0039’s suggestions and stick with 8x burns as I don’t know anyone with a Lite-On burner and another minute or two isn’t going to kill me. Actually, I’ve been verifying the data on every disk I burn with Nero Burning ROM which takes another 4-5 minutes or so. How useful is it to verify burned disks? It should guarantee that the disks are readable (at least in the drive used to write it), but I’m not sure how accurate the results are.

As a last resort you can scan the discs with CDSpeed. It will not always ne a reliable measure of the burn quality but it will be better than nothing and on some drives you will be able to guage the differences between discs. Use the 5X scan speed regardless of the burn speed. Another usefull test is the transfer rate test, again CDSpeed, and if it is a DVD I will use Shrink to run a quick scan just to see that it is playable. This will catch gross errors.

Keep in mind, with the 3550 and TY media, you will have a good burn almost all the time. If you want real quality, switch to the +R 8X TY.

Here are some scans I did of 3 DVDs I just burned with the ND-3550A using TYG02s. The first test was done in Nero Burning ROM @ 8X. The second test was done in IMGBurn 2.0 @ 8X and the third was done in IMGBurn 2.0 @ 12X. Unfortunately I did the tests at 8X before I read your comment which said to test at 5X.

The 12x result is just horrid. I guess I"m going to have to do that one again at 8x. I used the verify option on all 3 disks and they verified OK (and extremely quickly- avg read speed of 10.2X, max of 16.5X). Does the burning program affect the quality of the burn? If so, which produces better results- Imgburn or Nero Burning ROM. I chose to use Imgburn for the last two disks because Nero has an artificial limit of 16 characters for the Volume title whereas Imgburn has no such limit.

Once the software hands off the data the firmware in the drive does the burning, so, if there is nothing screwed up, it should not matter what you use.

Also my recollection is that PIFs are meaningful with NEC scans, but not PIEs.

So we’re clear, you burn at 8X or 12X if you want. Then you set the scanning speed in the little window on CDSpeed.

I understand this. I did the scans I pasted above before I saw your comment stating to run the scan at 5x. Most of the scans I’ve seen posted on CDFreaks were done at 8x, so I chose that speed.

Thanks again for your help chas.

Well Nec drives are a total different story from Benq or LiteOn, usually the best speed for a nec drive is 5x, but you can alwaya try higher speeds, for example, some people have great results @12x.

About the burning speed question, on the 3500 i burn everything (that i can) @12x, on the 3520/4570 i stay with 8x.