Are TYG01s with serial GD000321 authentic?

I got a spindle of TYG01 but they are burning poorly

They have a serial of GD000321, are they real Taiyo Yuden?

Of course. Only TY has serials like that. You didn’t say what drive you were using.

NEC 3520 firmware 2.U3

really big PIF spikes

I found that later firmware was always not as good with TYG01. Try 1.UF.

Ok I will try older firmware

I’m wondering if there is a way to see which DVD-R strategy versions(1.2, 1.3, 1.4) include any changed TYG01 strategies?

I looked at the strategy table for DVD-R: 2.U3 uses 1.4, 1.UF/G uses 1.2

Are the changed strategies mostly speedups or is quality actually improved? I am fine with burning the TYG01s at 4x if the burn quality is good

Also, be aware that NEC drives are not reliable for scanning so I would doubt your scan results. You might want to find someone with a Liteon for a reliable scan.

I cannot really say how the strats are specifically changed for TYG01 within any version; I just know it gets worse. Most changes I have seen seem to be to the TYG02 strat to allow faster than 4X burns.

In addition, scans should be done at 4x to ensure the best possible results. You weren’t off by much but it might make a difference.

The people who scan with NECs have determined that the accepted speed for comparison is 5X.

Your TYG01 may have minor dye defects like mine.

I flashed the firmware to 1.UF and tried to reburn an iso that landed on a visibly defective TYG01 disc

I posted about the defective disc in this thread, it looked like the same dye problem that the topic starter had

Anyway the 1.UF disc scan was going well until the 1GB mark where PIF problems usually start to show up

This disc had no visible defects in the dye, the iso file was in one fragment, burned at 4x with Nero

What is it about the 1GB mark? whenver there are spikes they seem to occur around that point, is this a drive problem or a media problem?

I have seen three different posts recently from people experience problems with TY media when they scan on the NEC drives. It is starting to look like the problem is the drive scanning ability rather than the media. It would really be helpful to get one of these discs to a Liteon to get the real answer.