Are those MCC03RG20 fakes?



I’ve bought a spindle of Verbatim Advanced AZO+ 16x DVDs and i suspect they’re fake .

Media code reported from Nero is MCC 03RG20

Serial read on outer ring (the purple ring) is : ZD4076 - DVR - J47C1

Serial code on inner ring (the transparent one) : 5335E4226 - 02204F20

These dvds are Made in Taiwan .

What u guys thinks ?

Are real or fakes ?

If they’re real verbatim stuff , who did produce them ? CMC , Prodism , MCC ?

Thanks .


It’s genuine (ZD… is an MCC stamper code) and it was made by Prodisc Taiwan.


Hi murray_666, welcome to CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

Your Verbatims should be genuine and manufactured by Prodisc.

Have a look in the this thread, especially this post.


First of all thanks very much for the quickly replies .

I’ve discovered this forum only a couple of days ago and i thinks that you guys are great , there are so many useful hints .

Now i would like to buy a new burner to do some quality scans , currently i’ve got a Sony DRU820A .

What do u think is the best burner to do scans ? Someone say it’s benq , what about plextor ?

And about these dvds i bought , i’ve read in many threads that they aren’t very good . Is it real ? I’ve always used verbatim media and i’ve never had problems nor failed burns till now .


They’re fine in my experience. I burn at 12x or 8x for all my 16x DVD’s. Maybe you could crossflash the Sony to a BenQ drive (as that is what it originally was - just rebadged for Sony). I think its a BenQ 1640 - not sure though. Have a look in the BenQ forum for more info :slight_smile:

Crossflashing the drive will void you’re warranty though.


I think that the 820A is a DW1670, as the 810A is the 1640, and the 810A-R is a DW1650 :slight_smile:


What about these TY sold at ?


They should be genuine , the website states that :bigsmile: and the cakebox is a genuine TY style