Are they the same

I have a desktop that I want to upgrade the CPU. I want a Pentium D 960 but they are a bit expensive, at least the one’s I can find. I have found some 950’s but I have a question.

Pentium D 950 Xeon are a lot cheaper that the Pentium D 950 that is not labeled Xeon. Are the CPU’s different or the same. Stupid question, to some perhaps, but I don’t know the answer and can only ask those that does.

I want to upgrade the CPU because the 950 and 960 are the only CPU’s that will fit the board I have that has virtualization. Thanks. .

It wouldn’t be a 950 Xeon - the Xeon models use a LGA771 socket instead of a LGA775 socket - and while they can be converted using a sticker to remap a couple of pins, and filing new location notches, only ever heard of this being used with a Core 2 type Xeon, and may also need a modded BIOS.

VT-X is supported by all Pentium D 9x0 models - the 9x5 models don’t support it.
A D940 is on ebay uk at £5

Double check the board specs, there was a a very narrow range of boards that could do Pentium D but not Core 2 (6000’s and 8000’s support VT, 4000’s and 7000’s don’t)

        Thanks for the info.

imageIntel SL95V Pentium D 950 3.40GHz 4MB Dual-Core CPU Processor

This was on e-bay for $9.99. This is what I was referring to in my original post. Thanks again.