Are They Real Or Are They Dynex?

Best Buy has a 15-pack of Dynex-brand DL media on sale for $17.99, which includes slim jewel cases. The media is made in Hong Kong, rated at 8x speed, and has a media code of RICOHJPN D01 according to direct reports elsewhere.

The only other brand of retail B&M available media I know of that uses that code are the TDK 8x DL disks, but those are made in Taiwan.

Are the Dynex disks most likely using fake codes? I’m certainly not aware that either Ritek or Ricoh has a plant in Hong Kong. Has anyone here tried them? I’m only curious because unlike other cheap DL media, these can be burned faster than 2.4x (no 2.4x DL media other than Verbatim can be burned faster than it’s official rated speed).

BTW, there’s a 10% off BB coupon floating around that would bring the price of these down another $1.80.

Yup. All authentic Ricoh media is made in Taiwan.

Dynex are

Made In China
Made In Hong Kong
Made In Taiwan

Basically outsourced everywhere, It has been since June 2005 when I seen some Dynex DvD+R DL with a media ID of MKM…001, but who knows if they were real are not.

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stay away from dynex at all cost, they are hongkong made media (the well known city for imitation product)

All of the ones I have seen in my area as of late are HK made. As ghetto pointed out HK produced discs have no shortage of history of producing fakes.

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