Are they acceptable scans?

Hi I am not sure that I have posted the topic right place, If I did wrong please forgive me. I am really new at interpreting the dvd’s quality scans. I have bought new verbatim dvd and I burned two of them. Could you please check them, are they okay?

Thank you

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Howdy :slight_smile: You’re in the right spot for LiteOn DVDRW burns.

You scanned at maximum speed. Considering that, the burns are not bad. The drive looks like it can read the discs perfectly fine.

What write speed did you use?

Thank you for your comment. Both of them burned it at lowest speed, 6x.

Here is another scan of one of these two dvds at lowest speed.

That was the another Verbatim I used before; I think this is very good.

Nudge the burn speed up to 8x or 12x.

The first two discs are not the best Verbatim available, but they still work. Most people prefer to see their scans of Verbatim turn out like the one you call “very good”, but the first two are still okay as long as they work for you.

I see what you mean.

Here is another scan at max speed. This dvd burned at 12x.

More PI errors, less PI failures.

You’re right; not much improved, is it? Maybe that’s as good as this batch of discs can be. I think I have had some discs like these, and while I might not have used them as long-term archival discs without checking them every so often, I’ve seen many burns that were much worse. :iagree:

Thank you so much Albert for your help.