Are these Yudens any good?

Hi all, new here.

have a quick question, has anyone tested or have heard the quality of the Taiyo Yudens that Rima is selling? i bought Ritek R03 50pc and they are proving to be worthless.

i was checking out the 100pc they have

but all this talk of bad media and fake Yudens, i want to make sure i get what i pay for.

also, this is the scan i get after using the Riteks, i burned at 8x

sorry, thought the image would be a link, and i dont know where that scroll bar came from??? or maybe its just my browser?


Rima sells only “A” grade medias - very good reseller (see

Have never heard of anyone getting bad TY’s from them-


Nice! thanks for the quick reply. im off the get em now.