Are these Verbatims fakes?

Well, I opened a new pod of Verbs today and the drive took ages to recognise the disc - with every disc that I put in there. IMG Burn also said that they weren’t empty.

I did a media scan with DVDInfo and these are the results compared to discs with the same item number from the same shop that I got before that work fine.

Last batch (working ones, only recorded - no empty ones left):

Media Information
Disc Regions are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Media code/Manufacturer ID MCC 03RG20
UDF Format Type V1.02
UDF Application id None
UDF Implementation id DVD Shrink
UDF Recording Date/Time (mm/dd/yyyy) 1/30/2008 1:24:25
Format Capacity 4.36GB(4.68GB)
Book Type DVD-R
Media Type DVD-R
Manufacturer Rated Speed 16.0x 22160KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 18.0x 24930KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 16.0x 22160KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 12.0x 16620KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 8.0x 11080KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 6.0x 8310KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 4.0x 5540KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 2.0x 2770KBps
Write Strategy Speed 4.0x 5540KBps
2x Speed OPC beta 09
2x Speed OPC power 0B
2x Write Strategy field 1 14 87 78 90
2x Write Strategy field 2 88 80 00 00 00 00
4x Speed OPC beta 08
4x Speed OPC power 13
4x Write Strategy field 1 0D 11 0C 08
4x Write Strategy field 2 95 07 0E 0B
4x Write Strategy field 3 A0 00 20 00
4x Speed OPC beta multi-pulse 06
4x Speed OPC power multi-pulse 1A
4x Write Strategy field 4 17 86 67 85
4x Write Strategy field 5 99 AB 3A 83 20 32
4x Write Strategy field 6 00 00 D0 00 00
Data area starting sector 30000h
Data area end sector 22E118h
Linear Density 0.267um/bit
Track Density 0.74um/track
Number of Layers 1

Complete Media Code
00000000 00 6C 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 85 0D 0E .l…@…R…
00000010 88 9A 80 00 03 4D 43 43 20 30 33 00 04 52 47 32 …MCC 03…RG2
00000020 30 20 20 00 05 88 80 00 00 00 02 00 06 09 0B 14 0 …

This batch (non-working):
Media Information
Region information N/A not a DVD-VIDEO
Media code/Manufacturer ID
Format Capacity Blank Disc
Free Blocks 411107328
Free Capacity 4.38GB(4.71GB)
Book Type DVD-R
Media Type DVD-R
Manufacturer Rated Speed Unknown
Write Strategy Speed Not Defined
Data area starting sector 30000h
Linear Density 0.267um/bit
Track Density 0.74um/track
Number of Layers 1

Complete Media Code
00000000 00 6C 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 .l…
00000010 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 …
00000020 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 …

It might be helpful to get the info as to where they were purchased and maybe a photo if possible.

And also any codes you can see around the hub of the “suspect” discs would help :slight_smile:

These are the discs, and the place that I got them. The last lot bought in December were fine.

The dodgy batch that I just got have the code on the outer-inner ring which is:

The inner-inner ring in the clear bit is:

Now, on the lot bought in December I have:

7209E312… I can’t read the rest. It’s easier on the other disc… how odd.

The first (“dodgy”) ones you listed are made by CMC Magnetics. I’ve heard mixed stuff about the MAP6… batches. Might explain why they’re being problematic.

As for ImgBurn claiming the discs aren’t empty. Do you have any emulation software installed?

Emulation as in videogame emulators?

I’m not aware of any other kind of emulation! Unless you mean emulating a disc drive like Nero disc image?

Also, do I take it that the OK batch are Mitsubishi (MCM)?

OK, I’ve got trouble.

The place that I’ve got them from has told me to send them back ‘for testing’.

Thing is, I put the disc in my reader then it registers quite quickly as normal so I wonder if my writer is being fussy just because basically they’re rubbish discs, whether fake or not. 3 of the 4 pods that I bought have been opened (to check the discs) so if they think that they’re OK because their plethora of burners can burn them then I can whistle for a refund, and there’s the return postage which I won’t get back either.

But you buy Verbatims because they are A grade discs so even if they seem to register on their system and they can burn, it doesn’t mean that it’s OK, or acceptable - they’re still rubbish discs hence not working on my writer, so what do I do? I’ve upgraded the firmware BTW and burned another brand DVD fine on it so it isn’t the writer that has a problem.

So basically I need a lowdown from you guys - what can I do? Do the discs appear OK, can I do scans or something to tell you?

Please help!

Try to clean your burner. :wink:

Yes, Arachne means whether you have any virtual drive (emulation) software installed, like Alcohol or Daemon Tools. You don’t have “fakes” by the way (never been seen under the Verbatim label), they’re the real thing. But compared to your December batch, they were made in a different factory. You may want to confirm here which drive you’re using.

The second batch must be from Prodisc.

Thanks guys, the drive is a LiteOn LH-20A1H.

I have only Nero Image drive installed, no Alcohol or others.

So the question remains - do I have any comeback with the retailer for having not very good discs?

So the question remains - do I have any comeback with the retailer for having not very good discs?[/QUOTE]

Depends how they burn. Retailers like SVP will usually replace a not so good spindle no questions asked, but maybe including a TRT/quality scan since you have a Litey.

However, I don’t know how that retailer operates.

It could also be that, since the two batches appear to be made by different manufacturers, the Litey has “learned” one manufacturer’s characteristics for that mediacode, and is complaining because the same mediacode from a different manufacurer is a bit different - might be worth clearing the learned media on the Litey and trying again.

Comparison scans of the good and suspect discs would be great for curiosity, though ;)…on my 20A1H I tend to use 4x to scan.

Yes, SVP are great like that. The only reason I didn’t order from them this time is because I wanted some 6x CD jewel cases and theirs always arrive scratched to hell.

However, Burn Media seem to be quite funny with me about this so this may well be the last order with them, depending on how this goes.

I don’t know to clear the learned media off the drive, help?

I can’t give you a scan comparison as I can’t burn them though…

You’ll need to download the latest SmartBurn utility (link in the Litey forum somewhere, I don’t have it offhand sorry).

Under one of the tabs you’ll see a “clear OPC” button. Click that, but be aware that all the other media your Litey has learned to burn will also be cleared. :wink:

So, the discs won’t even burn. That says right there that you have grounds for a return to the store.

Thanks, I found it.

Well, no change with the media. Guess I better stick to my guns if the company refuse to refund or refund postage - £7.25!

Which is just great, as my HDD is filling up with loads of downloadable media that I just purchased and planned to burn.

I put this note with it - think it’s OK?

Ticket number HPL-971008
Order #54743

Pleas note that the damage to the sides of the DVD pods were like that when they arrived in addition to the broken disc cases. The disc cases I have already thrown out therefore I can’t send them back to be replaced – I’m surprised that you asked for them back to be replaced though to be honest – in my experience cheap goods like those have just been sent out again rather than questioning a customer’s honesty and requiring proof.

As stated in the Support Centre communications, I suspected that these were fake Verbatims (as these are know to exist). After further research I don’t believe that they are – however they are low grade media, not being compatible with my drive which I have run several other brands of DVD (including cheaper ones) on therefore it is not a drive issue and it rests with the discs. Whilst these may or may not work on your burners, if they do then that still isn’t indicative grade A media – i.e. what I paid for. Or maybe they’re just faulty. I’ll leave that to you to investigate.

Cheers - Simon

Sounds OK :slight_smile:

If you get no joy with the retailer, there is always Verbatim themselves, who have a lifetime warranty on their media. However they may require discs to test/investigate.

True, thanks for reminding me - although will that get me my rather extortionate postage back?

[QUOTE=groovemeister;1995492]True, thanks for reminding me - although will that get me my rather extortionate postage back?[/QUOTE]

Good point. :wink:

Stick with Plan A, if that fails go to Plan B (Verbatim) if possible. :wink:

After waiting 2 days for the useless sods to actually test them, I got this this morning:


We have tested 3 of the discs and have written to all of them without any problems whatsoever. We were also able to copy the written material back to the PC’s hard drive without any problems or error messages whatsoever.
When the discs were first put into the drive they were immediately recognized and soon ready to be burned to.
Therefore we can only conclude that there are no problems with these discs and that any problems you have encountered are due to your DVD driver or some software you are using on your PC.

Following these results there are now two options available to you:

We can either send back the discs to you, at a delivery cost of £5.95 plus VAT.


We can refund you one of the 25 Cake Tubs which is still in a resalable condition.

Please reply letting us know which option you would like to choose. Thanks for your assistance.
Thank you for your email

Best regards

So the 3 pods that I opened aren’t even going to be refunded?! They’re useless to me; I expect A grade media to work on all drves, not just some FFS.

I’m on the process of writing a reply. Any suggestions welcome.

Well, here’s my reply:

I can also inform you that my drive has recently burned to 3 additional brands of DVD disc with no issues whatsoever. The issue is clearly a compatibility one: having paid for A-grade media I feel that this should no be the case. If it had been anything less than A-grade media then it would be expected but when I buy the best that there is, I expect better; working on some - or even most - drives isn’t good enough. And then you have the cheek to tell me that there is no chance of any refund for the opened, useless discs which I certainly don’t need, want and certainly don’t want to pay £6+ for. The one pod that is eligible costs less than the return postage. It’s laughable.

I must say that I have had far better service with SVP, simply in the manner that they deal with customers; items are sent out on the day of the call and swapped on collection or in this instance a full refund with postage offered immediately and unquestioningly.

It so happens that there is a thread on this issue of my discs from you on the world’s largest online recordable media forum: CD Freaks. This forum has the largest influence on online consumer purchasing in the world, with members from all countries – including of course the UK. The community are waiting the outcome because recommendations or advice against using certain companies are frequent.

And so, due to customer dissatisfaction and the fact that I can’t buy ‘quality’ products without knowing if they’ll work and if they don’t that I can whistle for a hassle-free, full refund, not only would I be never buying from you again, but Burn Media would be seen to be selling supposed top quality products, only to tell their customers: “Tough luck” and recommended against when it transpires that the product isn’t all that great by the biggest crowd of people interested in buying recordable media.

I suggest that you re-think because quite frankly, not only is your attitude appalling, but this will work against you, both in terms of a customer that wouldn’t return, and the thousands of potential UK buyers that you could lose.