Are these Verbatim Datalife Plus?

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Can anyone please tell me if these are datalife plus verbatims? I don’t see it on the spindle but there is the “Advanced AZO” logo and I was wondering if they are MCC ones. Thanks.

cant say , but when it comes to blank cds/dvds your better off buying from one of these sites so youll know exactly what your getting

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OcUK are great for buying hardware from, but I can’t say whether those are Advanced AZO, as I never bought media from them. In fact, the picture is of Made in Japan (Taiyo Yuden TYG03) Verbatims, but as we all know, you can’t trust advertising pics. As mentioned, I’d recommend SVP.

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All Verbatim 16x DVD+/-R are Advanced AZO+.
The DataLifePlus label is not used anymore with DVD media. It has been used until the early 16x days (some of the MCC 004 16x DVD+R still have DataLifePlus on the label) but it’s only used on Super Azo CD-R anymore.

I wonder if this is a sign that Verabtim are backing away from their claims of 100 year media life? My three year old Verbatim +Rs are still looking good. Only 97 more years to go…

I didn’t know there were TY Verbatims. Which are the best, if I may ask, the MCC or the TY?


I also have 3+ year old Verbatims, 4X and 8X, many of which were the inkjet printable ones and they are still good :slight_smile:

With my drives, the TY and the MCC004 are equally good.

Of course, with the MCC004 it can depend on the Country of Origin.

With verbatim media the only manufacturers are either MCC or TY. They are both good. You should get them if you need discs.

Verbatim Pearl White is either CMC or Ritek, but these are only availible in Europe :slight_smile:

Lucky us, eh?

Oh, sucks to live in the UK it seems…

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Not always. :disagree:

Verbatim 8x Pearl White DVD+R can be CMC MAG E01 (with simple “AZO” logo on the packaging, which is technically correct but confuses consumers) or RITEK R03 (no “AZO” logo).
Verbatim 8x Pearl White DVD-R is always CMC MAG. AE1, IIRC.

Verbatim 16x Pearl White DVD+/-R are MCC 004 and MCC 03RG20 (Made in India by MBI, though :().

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