Are these TYG02 scans any good?

Could you please let me know if these scans are any good?
It´s the same show burned to TYG02 media on a Pioneer 106D (4x) burner and a NEC 4550

The Pioneer is unable to read the disc, a problem that started about a year ago when I couldn´t get 4x media anymore. It doesn´t read most 8 media altough it is able to burn it fine.

I am also having trouble (as many other people) with the NEC being unable to read the TYG02 DVD-Rs it burns. However the discs play fine and can be seen under DOS, Windows 98 and Vista as well as standalone machines and other PCs. This is a problem that is discussed here:

So I burned two copies of the same show using the same Taiyo Yuden TYG02 (silver top) discs, one with the Pioneer and the other with the NEC.

I am only able to run a NERO scan on the copy that was burned with the Pioneer, doing the scan on the NEC (I believe the NEC is not a a good scanner but the Pioneer is unable to read these 8x discs).

Thanks for your help.

i wouldnt trust an nec to scan :slight_smile: and by the looks of that deffinately not :slight_smile: Try a TRT ( transfer rate test) that would be a good indication of the disk :slight_smile: , also my pioneer 109 went like that not reading disks it had burnt etc :slight_smile:

I will do the test and upload the image.
Thanks again

Im not 100% sure but maybe the 106 doesn’t have a write stratagy for alot of x8 media or has one but no a very good one.


If I burn these TYG02 DVD-R media using the Pioneer 106D I can´t read them on the Pioneer.
So I place them on my NEC 4550 and extract it using Decrypter and got a reading speed of 2x aprox

I can burn them using the NEC but then I can´t read them (a problem that many people have with NECs and DVD-Rs) so I need to extract them using ISOBUSTER and I also get a 2x reading speed aprox

These are TYG02 Valueline code GG007031 that I got from

I am worried about the life expectancy of these discs.
Did i get genuine TY or are they fake???

Thanks for your help.

About a year ago when I couldn´t get 4x media anymore I found I could burn to 8x media but then I couldn´t read the discs on the same drive.
I found some 16x media I could write to and read fine, but I decided to buy the NEC to avoid problems.

And now I am having trouble with the NEC… :confused:

Hmm time to try out some different media to see what happens or a new writer.

It would be better to scan at 5x instead of maximum speed.

Or better: don’t scan with the 4550 :disagree: :bigsmile: - 90% misleading and looney reporting.

But it’s a wonderful drive for [B]transfer rate tests[/B]: it’s a picky reader so any trouble shows in the reading curve. Do that instead. :iagree:

and got a reading speed of 2x aprox
Download [B]1.X7 RPC1[/B] on Liggy and Dee’s site, flash your drive, and enjoy [B]full ripping speed[/B] and better burning quality.

Then go to the NEC section and thank them for their good work :slight_smile: :bow:

Thanks for your suggestions, but please note I am using D&L 109bt firmware.

This is a 3550 drive that I crossflashed to a 4551 1Z2 when I bought it a year ago and recently, when I started having trouble reading some DVD-R media I burned, crossflashed back to 4550 109bt