Are these TY?

are JVC dvd-rs in packs of 30 with the code
Taiyo yuden, or are they some random crap?

I have done a quick Google for MJC ME and Taiyo Yuden and I have not found any connection.
I would say they are not Taiyo Yuden, and they are not advertised as such.

ah ok
i thought the 30 pack was a little odd and that might point to TY

I don’t know for sure anyway

There is a good possibility that they are TYG02 discs if they are 8X discs.

On the inner hub of the disc you should see a GG000xx for TYG02 or GH000xx for TYG03 serial number, if not it is probably not real TY. HTH. :slight_smile:

MJC ME is a company in Singapour.
i have no idea of the quality though.

Singapour usually=true MCC discs (mitsubishi chemicals). Anyways, figure out which country they are made in and let us know.

I have these discs MJC ME the disc is called mitsubishi black diamond 4 speed Although they burn at 8 speed I would not recommend burning them at this speed however they seem to preform well at 4 speed and they are made in singapour. I dought they are mcc as mitsibushi black diamond products are not remotly related to mcc.

There are at least three companies making discs in Singapore:
Mitsubishi Chemical: mostly HS-CD-RW, HS-DVD-RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, soon HD-DVD
Fornet: Azo CD-R
Totally unrelated to TY :slight_smile:

mark_244: Do you have scans of those?
Those are unrelated to Mitsubishi Chemical/Verbatim, but are sold by Mitsubishi Electric instead. They are not very popular.

I have seen one or two scans of these MJC discs and the results looked good. I can’t recall if they were JVC or not. The only place I’ve seen these is in a Big Lots store, I have been tempted to buy them to try out but I already have a ridiculous amount of discs. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not that good

I’ve tried only one JVC disc (in jewel case Made In [B]MALYSIA[/B]) and it is crap (compared to TY or MCC).

Here is a “Mitsubishi Diamond” branded +R 8x Version. Burned in October 2005 in my BenQ 1620. Looks like its started to deteriorate towards the edge.

The above scan burned at 16x (my preferred speed) shows problems towards the end of the disc. I always scan at 16x for my own testing because the results are much closer to the TRT slowdowns than when scanning at 8x.

Well, MJC has factories in several countries.
So not everything MIS is good too. :frowning:
I wonder what MIJ Unifino and Kitano perform like…

Kitano 4x DVD-R used to be of high quality (comparable to TY, Verbatim).
I never used Unifino so I cant tell.
The new 8x and Dl discs from Kitano are not that good…
But I will link you some Q-test results.
Kitano 4x:
Unifino 4x:
Kitano 8x:
Unifino 8x:

Hi guys I found some mjc me discs scanned them in nero there is a high degration in this media i include screen shots of 1 freshly burnt @ 4 speed on my nec 4551 and one that is a couple of months old burnt @ 4 speed on my poineer 111l both wre scanned in nero 7 with my sony dru 800 I will scan the the ones burnt in a nec in a couple of months to see if they still degrade

Doesn’t look like MJC.
ME 153 is another media code from possibly another company.
But not good media from what it looks like.

I get 2 different codes the code before burning is mjc me and the code after burning is mjc 153