Are these TY CD-Rs?

As I understand it, in the past TY used a different cakebox with a screw top. On ebay I sawn an auction for some TDK CD-Rs that have that same style spindle. I was wondering if anyone could confirm if they have bought any TY sold as TDK in the same cakeboxes.

they look it to me but u need the hub code to be sure and im tempted to bid on them myself :iagree:

I guess it’s really not that big of a deal as TY CD-Rs are still readily available under the Fujifilm brand, but there’s the mindset that older media was better…

if u look at his other items i think youll see hes selling Fujifilms too :iagree:

Yeah, but that’s in regard to DVDs. A TY CD-R is a TY CD-R is a TY CD-R…

Why waste time with eBay when you can just get them at K-Mart or elsewhere?

Those are the older TY CDRs, originally 24x rated and later up-rated to 32x. They are fine discs, but are virtually identical to the current “audio” and “multi-use” TY’s.

My concern with this case is wondering what they have been through in the past 3 years. I wouldn’t bother with them. But yes, most all TY of this vintage had the screw-on top nut, and TDK sold a lot of them.

110% agree older media was better :iagree:
because I’m still looking for older media everywhere :bigsmile:

You could just buy it for the extra fun :slight_smile:
Although the big question would be the storage conditions, as CDan mentioned. :slight_smile:

Speaking of older media on auctions…
Undoubtedly TYG01. Technically I could buy them, but it would be way too cost prohibitive.