Are these the TY Fujis

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Are these the TY FUJIs?

I mailed one company in the UK who seem to be selling TY FUJIs and asked them if they had Made in Japan on the spindlke package, the reply I got was this, “It is hard to tell as most of them are mad ein China” I think that I will avoid that company, but would like an answer to the above pelase.


It’s a always a crapshoot with online vendors.
Even if some of their spindles say Made in Japan, they could always ship you a Made in Taiwan spindle when your order is processed.
Your best bet is to buy a package in a retail store to ensure that you get TY.


Thanks for the reply…

Washac :slight_smile:

The picture shown is an older style TY cakebox. I haven’t seen one like that for over a year. They use a different looking one now. But like wesociety said, it’s somewhat of a crapshoot ordering online.