Are these the discs to get?


I’ve been using these for a while and haven’t had a problem. I’ve heard alot of really good things about TY discs though and was wondering if it was worth it to switch.

Are the TY I linked to the ones everyone thinks are good? If not, could you link me to those?

I have the NEC 3540a and Liggy and Dess 1.W5 firmware if that makes a difference.
I burn the Verbatims at 12x, what speed would the TY burn at under that firmware?

thanks for all the help

Yes those (TY 8x -R) are great discs. You might also want to try out the (TY 8x +R) discs. I think you would be better off buying from Rima:

Rima is a better company, the shipping might also be faster & cheaper. Save Meritline for those crazy sales.

There were negative feedbacks about Meritline and it’s TYs here lately.

ok then these are the ones to get. They are better than the Verbatim I was using?

Anybody know what speed they burn at using the 1.W5 liggy and dee firmware for NEC 3540a?

Is the surface of these really shinny and prone to collecting fingerprints and looking smudgy?

Yup, those are the ones to get. They are shiny surfaces so they are prone to smudges but they aren’t bad provided you handle them properly. These will burn great at 12x or 16x on your burner.