Are these TDKs TY's?



Hey all,
Late last year I purchased 7 individual shrinkwrapped TDK CD-R X48 Inkjet Printables. MIJ.

When I checked in Nero (I only have Nero Speed Version 0.85fBBeta :o ) it said this!!!

TDK (Brand ) Taiyo Yuden (manufacturer) 97m24sO1f (media code) EN557C045978080 (inner hub) PG7376 (dye area )

Also there is a frosted bit around the clear plastic.

Dont ask to me to devulge how much I paid for these :o :o :o !!! or you’ll all die of shock and then there’d be nobody to answer me :sad:

Sooo my question, what are the hubcodes for TY CD-Rs and are these genuine TYs?



They’re legit - they say MIJ, and they’re TDK.

Not sure about the codes though.


The PGxxxx code is also a Taiyo Yuden code. :iagree:


Thanks heaps guys !!! :slight_smile:


Alright, I won’t ask, although the curiosity is killing me :bigsmile:

Really nice buy, though :iagree: - although some of us Brits are finding 8x TDK TYs (-/+R), I’ve yet to find TDK TYs myself :sad:


Don’t cry Arachne, theres always Verb’s and Plextor :wink:


True, but it’s just the novelty of seeing TDK TYs :bigsmile:


Here’s some more: Reflex ULTRA Metallic 24X (only old stock if you see these I’m sure).


I’ve had some more 24x ReflexX Ultra (not Metallic, but the ceramic) 650 MB once, but they were all used up. I was still dumb when I used those :frowning: Wish I kept some for now…
I doubt ANY of those are still available though.

TDK 4x DVD-R was often TYG01, IIRC.


Oh wow, those look very nice :iagree:

@Evilboy - I know all about using TYs (TYG01s in my case) when I knew less than I do now - I even traded 10 or so Panasonic ones for some Philips C08s :doh:

I was recently sent a couple of Sony branded TYG01s from the US, you can rest assured I won’t be using those in a hurry, I’ll just look at them instead :bigsmile:


They also came as Sony Supremas in the good old times :slight_smile: :


Arachne, I can’t believe you gave them away! :sad: :p. When I first used Maxell Yuden T01’s, I instantly knew they were something special compared with my Memorex 4x CMC and MBI discs :eek: (these are still going strong along with the Yuden’s, BTW :bigsmile: ), and from that point forward have only used quality media, and never - ever - had a failed burn :bow:


Yeah, the things we do when we don’t know any better! :eek:

I used at least one box before I gave some away though (the traded ones were from my second box).

Still have the discs, they scan and TRT really well :iagree:

@Cressida - I had some Sony Supremas discs with the exact same packaging, but they had Sony MIDs. :frowning:


Noooooooooooooooo!!! I used to have loads of those sony suprema’s. Too bad I used them all up long ago, most of the time giving em to friends with music mixes on em. Damn, if only I knew they were TY back then :sad:


Yes, this was a special 10-pack with carton sleeves. I should’ve scanned the box :doh:. I had no idea about TY at that time either :disagree: .


Yeah, mine were 10 packs with carton sleeves, too. Guess us Brits got the short end of the wedge on that one :bigsmile:


OK Guys Im back … Now are you all sitting down … coz I don’t want you all to die of shock… Im gonna do the unthinkable and tell yaz all the price.
$2.95 NZ dollars!!! :Z EACH !!! that is … now tell me I’ve gone around the twist paying that. :confused: :frowning: :sad: :eek: :doh: Oh BTW you get roughly 3 NZ $'s to 1 US !!! yeah I know that it makes 3x as bad :o

But waaait theres more … just got back from town and outta curiosity I took another look in the store and I saw another 10 there.

OK guys whaddya reckon? Is it worth me ringing the store up and getting them to put them aside??? …ummm U are still all there I hope.




I have the same disc with the same (windows 98 se) written by me in the same area , the handwriting seems identical :bigsmile:

Wait … mine were 24X Supremas when Sony sold legit MIJ media here in Egypt , today I saw Sony CD-R media in TY style cakebox and MIHK :Z


I’d say buy them. MIJ TY CD-R is golddust. Personally I’d take peace of mind over price


I think he is talking about T02’s. I wouldn’t pay 3 bucks a disc. No way when I am paying 36 cents now per Verbatim 16x DVD+R MCC004 disc.