Are these TDKs dual layer good for XBOX 360 backups?



I dont want to wait for the usual verbatim from Newegg since my day off is Sunday so its the best day to sit down and burn my backups.
Are the TDKs any decent?
That and the often criticized Memorex are the only think I can find locally.



The only good dual-layer discs are Verbatim.

If the TDK discs are made in Japan, they are the same media as Verbatim. If they aren’t, they’re not.

My instinct is that they are not the same.


Can I tell by looking at the package?


Yep. The package should say in which country the media was made.


Will check tomorrow. I hope they are from Japan…the price is not bad.


Verbatim (MKM) dual layer media is made in Singapore, not Japan.


Ok, so I should look for Singapore instead?


dont get caught up in this nonsense … no doubt verbatim media is good if you can afford it then thats ok you wont go far wrong.

but you have to find out which is best for you and your system. i cannot afford 45 quid for 25 dual layer discs so i opt for much cheaper media at around 20 pound for 25 i have burned well over 25 games and had one coaster due to booktyping .


I don’t think it’s nonsense when it comes to dual layer media. Few makers manufacture it. Those that do make it do a terrible job of it in general. The only company that makes it consistently well is Mitsubishi Chemical Company, which is primarily sold as Verbatim media.

I’ve burned lots of Ritek dual layer media (the other alternative) and it’s been universally awful.

With single layer media, there are a lot more choices. Lots of companies make good single layer media. Quite a few make bad single layer media, too… but there are a lot of other choices.

I have a burner that does quality scans, so I know how bad some dual layer media is. If I can’t burn it without PO failures on any burner I have (and I have several), then it’s bad media.


Just as an update, I ended up buying Sonys since they went on sale at BB and I am very happy with them. No costers and actually working better (no need to try a few times to boot) than the verbatims. Then again I made the mistake of burning the verbas at 1x :slight_smile: