Are these TDK DVD-R OK?

Are these TDK 超硬 DVD-R OK? Maybe very expensive I guess…

Those particular DVD-R’s should be MIJ Taiyo Yuden TYG03 discs, based on that photo.

More typically, TDK’s consumer-level DVD recordable discs are either MIT by CMC Magnetics or MII by MBIL (with many using TDK’s media codes).

made by TY? it seems CMC or TDK itself before~.

You see, those particular TDK-branded discs are sold in Japan, for the Japanese home market. And T-Y has roughly 60 percent of the Japanese domestic recordable media market. (While the rest of the world gets TDK-branded discs made primarily by CMC using either CMC or TDK codes… :Z)

I believe this photo is a press photo which has also been used here, for example. I don’t fully trust it, but it is quite possible that TDK uses TY for a premium line.

If it is true, I didn’t expect oft-blamed TY to produce a premium line of TDK DVDs with Durabis (aka ScratchProof). But if they do, this is again proof that TY CAN produce good media.
I hope that the TY ScratchProof/Durabis also shows up here. 8x TDK ScratchProof is becoming rare and 16x TDK media isn’t very good in general.

any opinion on the 16x tdk scratchproof ?

esp. compared to the 8x version

I don’t trust TDK media anymore, after having been a long-time TDK lover. The 16X discs (TTH02 / TDK003) that I’ve used show degradation issues, and most of the -R discs (TTH02) had too high PIE figures for my taste (200+) in the last GB.

My last batch of 8X -R scratchproof look ugly in scans (36000+ PIFs) but they play flawlessly. (check this thread

About the discs from the original post, if such discs were available here, I’d buy some just for the design, I LOVE this design. :stuck_out_tongue:
Probably TY stuff (the one in the picture IS a TY, you can see the code), but who knows in actuality.

It’s always cool if you can bring stuff to friends on discs with special, rare design :wink:
They may even ask you where you got those, and you can always smile coolly and tell them that you’re the only one in the city/country/… who has those discs :bigsmile:

Stock photos do not always reflect reality. Verbatim often uses Taiyo Yuden cakeboxes for their 50 disc cakebox stock photos, although actual TY media sold under the Verbatim brand is rather uncommon.
But as the packaging mentions 日本製, it should be MIJ at least. Which could be anything from Taiyo Yuden and TDK Japan to Sony or Maxell, though… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think i would have to agree that they do look good. Why dont we get any good discs with a fancy design on here in the UK.


Franck, were any of you’re TTH02’s or TDK003’s MBI made?


:disagree: Luxembourg. (I might as well say “next door” :bigsmile: )

Confirmed to be TYG03. I’m not sure why there was any doubt.

On this picture I can see batch code GGxxxx, which means it’s TYG03…

TYG03 media is GH00xxxx (and GG00xxxx would be TYG02).