Are these specs for the ND-3520A correct? (was: Is this correct?)

I am going to get the 3520a. I got the following off of the NEC official website:
48x max CD-ROM
16x max DVD-ROM

48xmax CD-R
24x max CD-RW
16x max DVD+R
4x max DVD+RW
16x max DVD-R
4x max DVD-RW
4x DVD +R9
4x DVD -R9

Access time DVD 140ms, CD 120ms
Interface IDE/ATAPI

4x DVD -R9???

Yes it is correct. The Nd-3520 is a really good dvd burner, but sadly needs better firmware. But that is what we have dee-27 and liggy for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t ya mean Nec3520? :wink:

Yes, those specs are correct. -R DL support will be added in a future firmware upgrade. However, [thread=121666]-R DL isn’t something to get too excited about[/thread], IMHO…

Uh, 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW, at least that’s what’s reported on NewEgg.

Oops. :o Yea, I didn’t notice the incorrect RW speeds in that post. Good eye.