Are These Spec's Correct?



Model DW1625
16x DVD+R
8x DVD-R :confused:
4x DVD+RW and DVD-RW :confused:
2.4x for DVD+R DL :confused:
40x for CD-R
24x for CD-RW
It also offers read speeds of 16x for all DVD formats and 40x for CD discs


Correct specs to my information:

Model DW1625
16x DVD+R
16x DVD-R
4x for DVD+R DL
48x for CD-R
24x for CD-RW


Now That Looks On Paper A Nice Drive :slight_smile:

Better Than The One Quoted At :


Not going to be on the bandwagon for this drive at all. I don’t really care about the Lightscribe portion of the drive and I’ll wait for the BenQ burner that is supposed to be an SATA burner. I’m thinking it’s the 1650? :wink:


this light scribe thing is going to fall flat on its a**…