Are These Sony DVD+R's Really T.Y.'s?



Another one of these types of threads. :bigsmile:

+r 8x 25-Pack

+r 8x 50-Pack

+r 8x 100-Pack

No way to really tell 'eh? So, I’m not sure why I’m asking. :bigsmile: Argh this is annoying. :a


The only way to tell is if it says MADE IN JAPAN on the spindle. There is no sure fire way of telling over the net. If you are going to order online then just order the unbranded authentic TY as it takes all of the guesswork out of it. EDIT Unless those are on sale you are getting ripped off. 100 packs of the unbranded 8x TY from $40+shipping. Not much more than you would be paying for the 8x Sony 50 pack at regular price. Not to mention you don’t have to guess who is really making them.


Nope, I don’t think those are on sale, but hell…60 more dvd discs for the same price? I think I’ll pass on those Sony’s. Thanks for posting the link!


The 100 pack, from what I’ve been able to gather, will always be SONYD11 made in Taiwan. As for the others, what Jesterrace said is correct, if they’re made in Japan they’re YUDEN000T02.