Are these signs of degradation for my MCC004 media?

I had previously attained excellent results with my MCC004 disc until I reached the middle section of the 50 pieces stack of discs.Now my scan results show that I’m getting 10X the average amount of PIFs that I usually get with my previous scans for the discs which were located at the top of the stacks.At the moment I’ve used up 19 pieces of them.Could some media expert out there help me figure out what went wrong?The other weird thing if you’ve noticed is that the number of PIEs has now been reduced quite a bit instead.This is not something unusual or an exception because I’ve burned over 3 discs today and all of them produced similar results.

Here are the scan results(The first pic being an earlier burn while the second is one which was burned today.Both were burned at 12X):

Both scans are excellent :slight_smile:

An improper storing of blank media can certainly cause a degradation of the burning surface, and consequently give worst results after a burn.

Probably also an incorrect handling of the boxes can create problems, like scratching of discs. Some people think that cakeboxes containing more than 25 discs should be avoided because the lower discs are subjected to an excessive pressure that can ruin their burning surface.

Even if these reasonings are theoretically right, I don’t know how much these factors can quantitatively affect the quality of a batch of media. In my opinion the worst enemy of a blank media is the ultraviolet light, that can degrade burning surface.

I suggest to store your blank media away from light, especially direct sunlight.

Another factor to consider is the media variability. Even in the same box there can be differences between discs. It happened to me with a box of Ricoh media (about half were coasters :frowning: )

My medias are stored in a dry plastic cabinet which is kept away from any presense of any sunlight but I can’t rule out the possibility of heat as well because the country where I live in currently is experiencing one of the worst heat wave ever due to its tropical nature.

Upon checking the discs surfaces under a desk lamp, there were no scratches at all but exposure to the air while holding it caused dust particles to accumulate on its surface.These dusts were attracted to the disc due to static force I presume.Tried blowing them but they are just stubborn to get off.But I always make sure I put in the disc as soon as I take it out from the cakebox to avoid this from happening.

With all these,I guess the most likely culprit as you’ve said is the load/weight of the disc in larger size cakeboxes.100 pieces cakeboxes being the worst.The first few discs at the top may survive the compression as the cakebox is carried around but the lower ones may suffer friction and scratches as vibrations/shocks are introduced.The lower the discs are situated, the amount of load applied to the discs would be higher when you have the discs move about.


Your scans are typical for the variations found in [I]any[/I] media - that you have a score of 99 and 23 PIF’s and another score of 97 with 252 PIF’s is sorta academic since both burns are [I]very[/I] good and [I]anyone[/I] should be very satified with these kinds of results-eh!


Both your scans are excellent!

The “10X the average amount of PIFs” although technically correct, is a meaningless comparison when your totals are that low. A single scratch a fraction of a millimeter in size or a single tiny speck of dust or other dirt on the surface would easily mean more than an additional 200 PIF.

There’s no need to worry when your totals/averages are that low and when your maximums are well within specs.

:bow: Thanks everyone for your takes on this. :iagree: :clap:

I was a little worried earlier because I thought the remainder discs that I have may end up going down the bin. :doh:

Looks like I should be contented with them then.Will burn a few more discs today and see what how they turn out further.