Are these scans good?

Hi I have been having some problems with this disk and my burner. Sometimes it burns ok and sometimes I get burn process failed. So I decided to change the strategy to see the outcome. I changed it to the MCC 02RG20 strategy and I got three consecutive 8x burns, which never use to happen. From the diagram below can someone instruct me as to whether or not this is a good burn? And why is it that the burner will burn the disk ok sometimes and then other times I get burn process failed? I have also noticed that whenever I reset the learnt media before I burn they burn ok, why is that? I am now on the fourth consecutive burn. Please advise me as in relation to this aspect of dvd burning I’m a novice. Thank You.

Here’s the thread:

Thank you very much for the help.

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As you were advised in your other (cross)thread, try the scans at 4x and post the results here. The discs may be OK…do they play or read OK? agent009 does give good advice.

crossposting aint allowed as it is already mentioned, i will close this one and leave the other one open