Are these scans good or could they be better?



i burnt these on a phillips 1640p with firmware 3.7 @4x and i read somewhere that i could burn @8x but my media yuden000t02 is 8x and im thinking this is too fast. what do you guys think? and the best speed for verbatim mcc 004 16x +r thank you.


This scan is excellent :iagree:

Usually, 8x media can be burned with excellent results both at 8x and at 4x, but the only way to know for sure is doing some tests by yourself, because there is a rather wide media variability and what is good for an user could be not working for another.


Yep. Try some burns at various speeds.

I don’t have that burner, but I get good results with YUDEN000 T02 at the rated 8x, and MCC004 at 8-12x usually, although one of my burners does great with them at 18x.

Also, consider clicking the floppy-shaped icon in the top right of the CD Speed window, and saving your scans/TRTs as a .png file - good quality and smaller files. :wink:

Edit: I see they’re already .png’s, but the attached images make the original post look very weird. :wink: - I’ve edited them for size (cropped the huge white area around them!).


thanx for quick reply will use floppy icon next do some experimenting with 8x for both the yuden and mcc.thanx again guys.


T02’s burn great at 12x aswell. Great scans btw.


“could they be better?”

Not a lot. That is a very good scan.

This is a TDK branded +R TY T02 burned in a Philips DVDR1648 crossflashed to BenQ DW1640. Burned at 8x. Scanned at 4x in a Liteon LH-18A1P


i know i could cross flash mine to a benq or so i’ve heard but happy with phillips’s are great scans too and you guys have put my mind at ease.


Glad to hear that, petlar. If your drive doesn’t burn as well @8x, just stay @ 4x since it seems very good with those T02 discs :wink:

MCC004 would work better at 8x than it would at 4x I think though. But I’ve burnt MCC004 @ 4x with an old writer ([B]Pioneer 106[/B]) that probably doesn’t even support MCC004 and look at the results:

BTW, when you burn discs, also keep an eye on jitter levels, if the [B]average[/B] reaches over 10% for jitter, the burn may be difficult for some drives to read.


thanks cd pirate whem ive got something to burn i will try at 8x got 195 yudens here and nothing to put on them. lol