Are these scan ok?

Are these scan good, ok, not bad, bad, piece of crap.

*all scans made with sony dw-q120a@liteon shw-160p6s

as sez here

Use this as a guideline for good discs:

    * PI (Parity Inner): No larger areas on the disc should exceed 280 PI-8 
errors, do not worry too much about high single spikes that exceed 280.
    * PIF (Parity Inner Failures): No larger areas on the disc should exceed 4 
PIF-1 errors, do not worry too much about high single spikes that exceed 4. 

And as always; lower is better

scans are normally ok.

no good,the pie is too high.pif is also not good.

wich one of all? are 4 diferent discs.

The fourth scan might cause you some problems because of the consistently high pif count at the end of the disc (potential skipping or freezing but probably during the closing credits).

The others are actually all ok (if not exactly brilliant).

What’s more, since they’re MCC, they’re unlikely to degrade, so if they play ok now the odds are that they will continue to do so for years.

The standard scanspeed used in this forum for the 5 and 6 series drives is 8x.

:rolleyes: Leo

if i copy the 4th disc to a new disc it will copy the PIE & PIF?

i didnt know… thanks!


No. But why aren’t you using latest official firmware from Liteon instead of this experimental test firmware?


because it let me burn at lower speeds… 2x 4x… official lowest speed is 6x

anyway even writing at 2x my dvdplayer has problems reading this writer burns… the few disc i burned with the pioneer unit before change it (the usb case problem, remember?) play perfect.


will flash the drive and do the scans again at 8x (same discs)

ok… as u request and I promised… :stuck_out_tongue:

Same discs in same order but at 8x with PS0B firmware.

I dont think any of the scans will give you any problems in a fairly good standalone. But you are archiving i would have pif no higher than 4 and PIE no higher than 100. But thats me :wink:


With Liteon’s SmartBurn Utility you can enable “Force Hypertuning”. This will allow you using lower speeds with stock firmware.
With modern 8x and faster media, such a low speed setting isn’t very useful and may decrease burn quality.


thanks for the advices… I’m new at this little world of burning round violet plastics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi again,

what speed were these discs written at? PIF errors are too high in my book for Verbatim 16x media.
My MCC004 burns with my 165P6S aren’t as good as some, that are posted here, but they are well below 1000 PIF total. So there is either something wrong with your discs (that would be strange, as both types are affected) or with your drive (also strange as your Pioneer wasn’t better).

System issue?

Please burn a disc using Nero CD/DVD Speed. To avoid wasting one of your precious discs, you can create a disc image (.iso) in your DVD authoring app and use CD/DVD Speed’s “burn image” function. Select 12x speed unless you know that there are interface issues.
You may instead insert a DVD-R disc and enable the “Simulate” checkbox in the “create disc” tab. Then try the different speeds, beginning from 12x. Post the screenshots then.


i will try that michael…

im using verbatim 16x dvd-r media.

let me see… disc 1 was burned at 4x…

disc 2 at 16x

disc 3 dont remember… maybe 2x but not sure.

disc 4 at 2.4x max with the pioneer when cant burn faster than 3x with older external case.

the other 3 was burned with the new external case with no problem of any kind.

Okay. It seems, as if the 16x burn was the best of those. I would try them at 12x or 8x, and I would not burn them at slower speeds.
Your last picture show that there seems to be no data transfer issue, at least at 12x speed.

Just another note: Liteon drives, don’t seem to like DVD-R very much. In addition, you should try DVD+R media, booktyped to DVD-ROM. For Verbatim MCC004, you should also try 12x or 8x speed.


great… thanks for the advises!!!

hmmm… that is strange my 160P6S with FW PSOA burns TYGO2 -R @8x the rated speed with no problems at all.
It does a better job with them than it does with MCC004 +R discs @8x which also burn very good in it @12x or 16x.
I just burned a TYGO2 earlier today with 12PI and 2PIF with 31 on the total PIF most of the time it is usually under
100 total on the PIF with the TYG02’s and anywhere from 80 - 300 PIF total on the MCC004’s. :clap:


That’s why I wrote “seem to like very much”. There are always exceptions, and maybe they have really improved much with more recent firmwares :slight_smile:


All 3 of my Liteons love TYG02’s better then any other media by far and I have tried them all.

Yep not all Liteons hate -R media as long as it’s a good brand of media to start with
here is one I burned a few minutes ago this is a normal scan of my TYG02 burns. :iagree: