Are these results actually good?

Just starting to understanding DVD burning…this site is helping a lot!

I have a 16x BTC burner (the rebadged I/O Magic) and using CMC -R media burning in Nero Checks are being performed using CD-DVD Speed 3.40. When I use the Disc Quality Test, I’m receiving scores of 95%. Also Scandisc is finding 0 errors.

These are typical readings of my burns at 4x testing speed:
The PIE rate averages around 7% with maximums of around 16-20 with an average of 60,000 reads.
The PIF rate is typically .02 average with a max of 2 and an average of 300 reads.
My burner doesn’t read POF or Jitter.

Aren’t these results actually good? If so, why with an inferior burner and media?
How much am I missing without POF or Jitter readings?

Thanks for the help everyone!

What kind of cmc media is it? The 8x stuff uses phillips dye and actually can burn pretty well. I use cmcmage01 all the time. It just looks like you found a media that the drive really likes.