Are these really TY CD-R's?

I just bought this 100-spindle of TY silver printable 52x CD-R’s from AllMediaOutlet, whom I’ve ordered from before and had good luck with. They had the best deal compared to SMS and Meritline when I ordered.

So naturally when I open them up I spin a disc up in my NEC 3520A (running Liggy & Dee’s 1.U8 firmware). Except for Alcohol 120%, every tool I’ve tried (Nero CD Speed, InfoTool, DvdInfoPro, and VSO Inspector) claim the media code is unreadable and the max burn speed is 32x.

Only Alcohol’s Disk Info reports the disk mfg as Taiyo Yuden Company Limited but doesn’t give an actual media code:

   *** Disc ATIP code information ***
      ATIP Start Time of Lead-in: 97m24s01f
      ATIP Last possible start time of Lead-out: 79m59s72f    (LBA: 359997)
      Disc Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
      Disc Dye: Cyanine Material
      Disc type: CD-R
      Media Sub-Type: 03h 
      Indicative Target Write Power: 04h 
      Reference Speed: 00h 
      Unrestricated Use Disc(URU): 00h 
      A1 Value: 000000h
      A2 Value: 000000h
      A3 Value: 000000h
      Maximum Read Speed Supported (with current disc): 48X (7200 KB/Sec)
      Maximum Write Speed Supported (with current Disc): 32X (4800 KB/Sec)
      Current Read Speed Supported (with current Disc): 48X (7200 KB/Sec)
      Current Write Speed Supported (with current Disc): 32X (4800 KB/Sec)

Notice Alcohol also lists the write speed as 32x.

It has the usual matte-finish hub that TY’s normally have, the dye is blue-green, and the “extruded” hub serial number rather than printed, but the SN now bends around the hole rather than being straight like most TY’s I’m familiar with. BTW the serial number starts with LG457A if that’s any help.

Could this just be a flakiness with my NEC drive? I’ve not tried TY CD-R’s since I got this drive, but I remember TY’s in my older drives being identified better than this. It just got me a little worried that I might have scored some fakes. If anybody can confirm these are TY’s I’ll feel better about them. :slight_smile:

Alcohol itself is probably the problem your other apps won’t return an ATIP. It has a function to hide CD-R media ID or somesuch. CD-R discs don’t have media codes like MCC003 or TYG02. Those discs were advertised as Taiyo Yuden discs, and the ATIP looks right, so there’s no reason to doubt them. It seems that borrowing media codes is a DVD±R thing, not CD-R.

Ah, you may be right about the Alcohol ATIP hiding, but it doesn’t have that problem with hiding DVD ATIP’s from other tools. Maybe it’s just a CD-R thing.

I guess I’ve been away from CD-R’s for too long – been working with DVD media almost exclusively for awhile now – but I was thinking I remembered them having media codes too. I guess that’s what old age does to you, all you young guys enjoy it while you can. :slight_smile:

Oh well, they’re probably okay then. Thanks.

Borrowing is not restricted to DVDR/RW media…

Hmmm. Mine seem to have identical ATIP and dye as yours, which matches TY’s, however mine aren’t branded and they DO have the frosted hub ring and watermarked SN like TY’s normally do, so I’m going on the assumption they’re legit. I need to run some test burns, I just got busy yesterday and haven’t had a chance until now.