Are these real?

I read some of the post on top, I just want to be 100% sure.

Im still not sure if these are real TY, it say GG000211 code on die. and on the hub it has an overprinted clear code with GG on the end, but the packaging said value dvd -r?

Definitely genuine Taiyo Yuden media :slight_smile:

Yes they are genuine. :iagree:

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They won’t burn

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You mean “near the dye” :wink:

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I guess that would be rather improbable because a “Value Line” series only exists in North America, but neither in EMEA nor in other countries :slight_smile:

Ehh correction.
Europe had TY value cd-r’s -> parrot (2 serials !)
And it looks like we got the budget TY cd-r’s again which were overprints in the past !!!
Officially there is no “value line” product in europe. But there were/are quite some questionable TY product that could have been sold as “value line” in the US or might be even lower rated.

You know, I never left Egypt but managed to get Sony T02 media (price matching included) across the ocean :bigsmile:
Also some NEXXTECH CMC MAG E01 and some Verbatim MCC004 :stuck_out_tongue:

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these valume line TY are still made in japan right and are same Quality as all TY?

They are Made In Japan and TY , but theoritically they didn’t manage to pass TY quality control so they are sold as value line .
They are sometimes better than Premium line if you got a good batch .

why did I get a quality score of 57%? i tried another TY it was 84 & 93

another TY:


Is something wrong here? should I go back to ritek or something>?

The first disc looks like it might have some dirt or scuff marks at the outer edge.

Your scans are made in a Sony DVD-ROM drive, and since I have no experience in using such a drive as a scanner, I won’t comment on your quality scans.

maybe you’re drive learning the ty’s ?

I agree :slight_smile:

Do you by any chance have a LiteOn or BenQ you can scan with?

no i don’t. Which one is better out of the 2 brands. I noticed ritek had more PI errors

Aww. That’s a shame. Honestly, I wouldn’t like to comment either being that they’ve been scanned with a DVD-ROM, and I have no experience of scanning with one.

You don’t say what MID the Riteks have (unless I’ve missed it), but 16x ones I’ve seen have been OK so far.

DVD-ROM drives are something I have no experience with either, so I have no idea what to think :frowning:

DVD rom gives out wacky results. You’re better off using a Pioneer for scanning hahah. (pioneer [B]aren’t[/B] known to be good scanners).

I wouldn’t use that drive to judge the quality.

If anything, use that drive to do a 16x speed Transfer Rate Test on your discs.

well i also have a philips dvd-rw.I use it only for burning. Should I give it a run with that?