Are these real TY media?!?

i just got these today:

on the DVD it has 2 #'s…one of them reads “PH420S01019PG” which is on the front and the other number reads “TG001125” which is on the back. I read that the real TY’s have GG in them…so are these fake? if they are…can i return them saying their fake?


No that is the right “TG” number for Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s-

The Taiyo Yuden 8x -R has the “GG”

So they are the “Real Deal”

Rima does not sell fakes - they are a direct importer of Taiyo Yuden-

(I told you that before you bought them)


lol…yes u did…but then i red about the GG stuff and thot it wasnt right…thx again…

They are real. I have about 400 of them from rima. All that I have checked have been perfect burns. :iagree:

There are different formats and speeds for almost all brands and makes of DVD media that will have different media id#s and model #s.
A search in this forum would have yielded numerous posts including “TG001125” and would have answered your question right away.

You’ve got some nice high quality media there.

I have these Taiyo Yuden silver thermal 8x DVD+R discs. Are they real? One number says 0901. Another says TG001133. The number nearest to the center of the disc (near the hole) says JH424R04397PG.

Thank you.

I can also vouch for the TYs from rima. I have been ordering from them for about 2 years and have yet to see them sell fakes.

Oh, in case anyone needs to know where I purchased from, I bought em from yahoo.supermediastore.

Did you have some sort of coupon discount or something? Rima is usually cheaper. :wink:

if I can ask in this thread…

Anyone know who Imports / distributes T-Y in Europe (northern Europe… Benelux countries or Germany)


I got my TY media (+R and -R) from OS-MediaTrade in Germany.

:bow: Rambaud… :bow: thnx very much m8…

If U pass thru Belgium … I owe U a couple beers…at least.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: