Are these real Taiyo Yuden dvd+r's?

On the pack they are called imjet but when i run the disk in kprobe it says they are Taiyo Yuden, here are some pics

the top of the disk;

What kprobe says about the discs;

are they real?

They probably are, the media code looks right. Where are they made? Where did you buy them? I am not expert so you should ask other people, too.

Im not sure where they are made but i bought them from a market stall.

Unfortunately, the TY MID has been faked a fair bit…there was a thread at the top of the forum about which discs are fakes, not sure if it’s still there.

However, these discs I know nothing about…except that they’re suspect til someone tells me otherwise. :slight_smile:

Edit: Fancy a nice long read? You might find the discs somewhere in here. :wink:

How can discs be faked?On the pack it said nothing about Taiyo Yuden

seeing as you have already got them, do a burn, see how it comes out, if its good, you will know that you have the real thing, if its bad, chances are their fake

The Media ID, which is in the information on the disc itself, can be faked.

Edit: Can I ask what country you’re located in?

Ive done plenty of burns before with these, they turned out ok.Il try a few more though.

I live in England

Do a quality scan… post the results here :slight_smile:

OK…so for future reference, if you can shop online… will sell you genuine Taiyo Yuden discs. :slight_smile:

That could be a sign they are fake.

Yeah, the market stall thing definitely isn’t a good sign, LOL :bigsmile:

you dont know that… lets hope there stolen :wink:

ROTFLMAO :bigsmile:

that is a possibility and they are branded with imjet and the company name for the blank DVDs are ImDisc…

yea :stuck_out_tongue: Im running a quality scan now, before when i scanned this media there was no errors but when it got to 99% the errors suddenly shot up to around 60?

Posting a scan would be better as there are different kinds of errors, and we’ll be able to see what they are :slight_smile:

you shouldnt multitask during scans, it can effect the scan.

What other programs can effect a scan?