Are these real T-Y's?

I’m guessing as they LOOK like genuine ones (as far as i can tell) however is there any other way, other than looking at the pictures, and obviously trying them? If they ARE real, i might order a 100 pack @ $67 AUS - although this DOES sound cheaper than it should be to me…
I don’t need printable surface, etc so these would do fine. Does anyone know if these are TYG02’s or 01’s?

Thanks heaps all

I’m not familiar with the conversion rate from AUD to USD, but in the states 50 disc spindles of 8x TY silver thermal media run about $30 so it might be genuine. If those are indeed 4x as advertised they will be TYG01.

I’ve seen some really great deals lately on several brands of quality 4x media, and I’ve read some articles that the 4x media makers in Taiwan are dumping 4x inventory at below cost prices so that they can clear the warehouses for the 8x and 16x media that consumers prefer.

AUD 37 = USD 28.13

This price sounds kinda low to me, but then has been pricing them quite low as well and they have the real stuff.