Are these real MCC DVD+R discs or fakes?

Are these DVD+R discs with real MCC dye or are these fakes?

Sounds fake as both datawrite and Bulkpaq is generally :Z :Z media.

Last time I looked at a BulkPaq disc it was made by Princo… and it wasn’t a long time ago.

I bought those datawrites about week ago and im pretty happy with them. first disc from spindle had high spike near the end about pi max 60, sufrace of the disk had some kind of discoloration but it was close to center. heres second disc from the same spindle scanned with liteon.

both disks were burned with nec3500.

People do not seem to know what MID and DYE mean, specially MCC and FUJI MID and DYE.
Now I’m not gonna answer this one. Because if I say so some people will say that I’m incorrect even if I have proof that shows how it works.
If they then in the end find out the stuff themselves they claime that they found it.
So if they want they can claime it now directly :wink:
So in future I will only hint !! Sinc if I tell the truth it will not be appreciated.

However let me say this use google the right way and you should know what MCC MID and DYE means if you know that can you probally fill in the picture.
If people are really interested and can’t do there own research then let me know. I might be nice one day and tell you actually how it works however the change is small.

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