Are these Plextor 80min CDR test results normal?

Hi! All

I just bought some Taiyo Yuden discs, of the 50 tub Plextor 80min 700MB 48X Multispeed kind. Its the first time I’ve bought Taiyo Yudens of any kind and I was expecting some great quality burns, especially since they are “king” in the these forums. I have tried Reitek, CMC and Prodisc CDR’s in the the past and have generally found that the 40X rated un-branded Prodiscs were the best for me. The other day I bought a 100 spindle retail box of Memorex 48X rated discs and Smartburn 3.1.1 descibed them as 48X prodisc’s so i thought… great!

I was really surprised at the crappy Kprobe read test results for these Memorex-Prodiscs as you can see;

I got fed up and went ahead and ordered the Plextor 50 pack Taiyo Yudens I’ve heard so much about, even though they were more expensive.I found that they burn pretty well until aproximately the 36 Min mark and then the c1 errors climb dramatically. If I burn beyond 32X speed then I get even more accentuated errors… :frowning:

CDRW used is in my sig
Plextor 80 min 48x rated CDR
Recording Layer - from Nero CD-DVD Speed= Dye Type 1: Long Strategy(Cyanine, AZO)
700 MB Burnt @ 40X

Prodisc 80 min unbranded 40X rated though smartburn rates them at 48X
700 MB Burnt @ 40X

Both the Un-branded Prodisc & the Plextor CDR’s give similar good read test results;

I don’t think anything is wrong with my Lite-On CDRW since it burns my un-branded Prodisc’s pretty well at 48X… Anyone have any ideas???

Now I’m reluctant to buy Taiyo Yuden’s again…I’m thinking that un-branded Taiyo Yuden’s maybe better than the Plextor’s:confused: since the Memorex branded Prodisc’s I’ve tried are worse than the un-branded ones in my tests???

The results are not too far off for the (O/C)48125W drive. For one thing, the infamous 57min error spike is throwing off the numbers a bit, these are not true read errors but a glitch in the chipset. So you can discount the C1 and C2 at that point.
You could try burning at 32x and compare the results, if the errors are much lower, then your drive is telling you something.
But all things considered, you might have gotten a lesser-quality batch of TY there. Can you post an ATIP from the TY?

Where did you order from?

Yeah…rdgrimes, I remember your previous post on the infamous 57 min read spike HERE. That spike crap really had me confused before I read that thread.

I know my burner can burn at 48x to other media with good results since I oc’d it. I don’t think anything is wrong with my burner, though I suppose you never know.

My order of two 50 tub Plextors was from and I’ve tried burning CD’s from both tubs and I get the same results. Though maybe its as you said and the store sent me a bad batch.

I wish this didn’t happen to me the 1st time I purchased Taiyo Yudens but I don’t think I’ll order Plextor CDR’s again. I’ll try and find some other unbranded Taiyo’s for a decent price somewhere else. Maybe someone who has bought Taiyo’s from the UK with good burn results can point me in the right direction.

Anyway here is the Atip info of my Plextor CDR’s;

I have a plextor 241040a so I cant run K-Probe or similar, but I have burnt 1000+ of the Plextor branded TY x48 media with no problems at all - some at x4 most at x12. I check using scandisk + quality test and for svcd’d I extract the mpeg from the burnt svcd using Isobuster and compare it with an sfv made from the original image mpeg - allways no error at all - no slowdowns.

As ebuyer had no stock of 6*50 tubs of plextor TY’s, I purchased 400 unbranded TY x48 from SVP - one in 10 has a red sector or slowdown - either TY has gone tits up in quality control or there are duff batches or ‘B’ grade / fake TY floating around.

There have been a few posts the past few weeks questioning TY quality - maybe that is a reason Fuji moved on more than price.

Damn, TY get your crown back.

The ATIP is the same as current 48x TY, I was thinking it might be older 24x TY. Anyway, I would try comparing burns at 40x with the current firmware to burns at 40x with the 40x firmware, (ZS0P?) and see if there’s much difference. Some O/C drives don’t behave very well at 48x. I suspect that what you’re seeing on the TY is the drive is slowing down in the last part of the burn in response to over-temp on the media. This sometimes creates those spikes of errors that slope off. In any case, the drive and media aren’t playing well together. Heat can also cause this sort of thing, a hot drive can have 2x the error rates of a cool one.

I did as you suggested… rdgrimes and tried the ZS0P and as well my original WS05 firmware. I found similar results at 40X and 32X burning, on these discs so I switched back to VS0D:

32X Burn on the same Plextor 80 Min CDR’s;

I think for some reason these particular Plextor CDR’s are getting too hot like you said at the outer portions of the disc. My unbranded Prodiscs seem to be able to deal with the temperature at those same regions of the discs much better. Though why I am getting such high temperatures, if its abnormal in the first place is beyond me. I am sure its not the oc’ing which caused this since… discs I burned prior to my oc’ing are giving me the same results as when I burn on those same type discs now.

Atip of my Unbranded Prodiscs bought as 40X rated:

I seem to be getting good burning consistency up to approximately half the region of the discs I burn, at which point the burning fluctuates more than it should, the effects of which are more apparent on some discs than others.

I’m amazed at some of the very low error kprobe results which some of you Lite-On owners post. I am curious just how some of you burn at 52X and your CDR’s don’t get hot enough to cause more errors if that is in fact the reason for my higher error rates. Does the newer 52X Lite-On CDReWriters burn at lower temps than the older ones?:confused:

The scan you posted with ZS0P is not the greatest, compared to the current drives, but it’s not too unusual with the 5-series drives. It’s a perfectly readable disc. It’s possible that the batch of media you have is not the best, or that the drive is not the best, or a combination of the 2. The 6-series drive is leaps and bounds ahead of the 5 in terms of write quality, especially with later firmware.

I bought a 50 pack of Plextor TY’s about 6 months ago and had pretty much the same results. I won’t be buying them again. Other TY discs are fine though.

Well, I find the unbranded to be crap - still getting 1in10, 1in15 bad in some way, the Plextor branded ones are perfect :slight_smile:

Maybe your drives writing quality matched to this TY media is dire.

These results are probably about as good as the 5-series drives get. The 6 and 7-series drives are the ones that give the really low C1 error rates (under 10 max).

Hi! guys…me again

I had some spare time so I tried some burns on these same Plextor CDR’s but this time I dropped the burn speed to 24X and hey presto!.. here is a good example of the kind of scan results I have been seeing.

I don’t understand it myself and I still don’t think anything is the matter with my drive since I am burning at 40 & 48X on my older Prodisc Phthalocyanine CDR’s as I already described with good scan results. And just to make sure… I burned those Prodisc’s at 24X as well and there is NO wide discernable scan result differences from 24 to 48 times there.

At this point I am quite happy to burn on these Plextor TY CDR’s at 24X since I have never managed to get this low an error rate on any disc’s I’ve bought before. I wish i would have tried a 24X burning test on these disc’s during my tests but i got soo use to burning at 40X plus on my Litey, that going down below 32X seemed like going back to the middle ages …LOL :smiley:

These results are probably about as good as the 5-series drives get. The 6 and 7-series drives are the ones that give the really low C1 error rates (under 10 max).

Isn’t that always the way with these things just when you get what you think is the best then they come out with better!

Thanks again for everyones input. :slight_smile: