Are these Philips printable 8x DVD any good?


I’ve been having terrible trouble here in Thailand tracking down any printable DVD-R or DVD+R that work. Basically the choice is Princo or Ritek G05. i.e. Garbage.

However I’ve just found a shop selling Philips inkjet printable 1-8x DVD-R and DVD+R in spindles of 25.

I’ve bought one pack of the DVD+R and I’d like to find out which factory they’ve come from and if they’re likely to be any good before buying a few hundred tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately I am away from home so I don’t have my own computer so I can’t tell you the media code. But here’s a description of the disc:

Serial number on the pack: AR84-REM/MZ/05-004 G1 2D
Serial number in the centre of one disc: V1-04CH1507264357C04

They’re very nicely packaged and feel really good quality, the back is a deep purple dye, the front is white printable to the hub and there’s a Philips logo and DVD+R in the centre of the disc WITHIN the printable surface (basically they’ve made the logo by missing part of the printable surface - i heard Verbatim might be doing the same recently).

Can anyone tell me where these likely came from and if they’re likely to be any good? Plus any preference for the -R or +R? My writer is a Benq 1640.

Thanks! Nick

Sorry, it is impossible to tell unless someone has the exact disc, as there are at least 7 different media codes for Philips +R 8X. If you get Ricoh you are OK. If you get others you could get INFOME or CMC. The deep purple sound like Ritek R03.

What is the country of origin?

Thanks for the reply. I suspected as much. The packaging says made in Taiwan.

Are Ritek R03 as bad as G05? The dye looks darker than the 8x DVD-R Ridata G05 I had.

R03 doesnt have the same deterioration problems that G05 has. But quality still varies from batch to batch

The really bad R03s come from China so at least that is in your favor. I have never had an R03 go bad like a G05 or G04 and even when they were not as good, they still turned out an OK burn at 4X which, in my opinion, they should have been rated at to begin with.

Looking at your options, INFOME is the only real loser on the possibly media codes. You won’t get MBI as they are made in India. I would say go ahead and take the chance. Even the CMC MAG.E01 are OK on some burners. At least they are +R.

INFOME is not the looser. Because incase of infomedia it is support which is the main problem not disc quality and Benq/Philips are one of the few drive manufacturers that support that media quite good.

I agree. Some burners have great results with this media.

Fair enough. I never noticed he had a BenQ.

Thanks for the help folks. Much appreciated. I will post back with the outcome when I get the discs on my own comp, including a scan or two.

How about Philips -R 8x which they also stock? Could that be from as many different sources as the +R, including the dreaded G05?


The -R are either CMC MAG. AE1 or FUJIFILM03. Neither is great, but both burn with usually around a 95% quality score in my 1640. Be sure you’re running newer firmware too, BenQ optimized the writing strategy for -R with big improvements on FUJIFILM03 as of BSMB, I think. If you’ve got the latest, BSOB, you should be fine.

Also, here’s all the possible Philips discs.

Yep, got the BSOB firmware already.

These +R turn out to be Ritek R03.

I’m going to have a go at writing them at 8x on the Benq 1640 with solidburn off, overspeed off and WOPC on. Is that what you guys would do, or 4x perhaps?

Also, if I mail order some more, would you go for more of these R03 discs, or the Philips DVD-R as tehGrue describes? … or none and import some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden instead?

Try 8Xand then scan and see if you are happy. I always found 4X better amd the only 8X that were adequate were made last year; I have found none as good since.

Anything you get with the Philips label is suspect as you will never know what you will get. Go with TY or MCC, whichever is cheaper.

I think about getting myself one. Someone is able to burn soso media much better then I can with nec 2510a or 3540a. They gets 95-97, I get 50-70. Wow, what a difference.

That might just be because you’re scanning in an NEC… They’re known to exaggerate things a bit.

Ritek R03 sold as Philips 1-8x DVD+R printable
Benq 1640 (made in Malaysia) FW BSOB
Burnt @ 8x
Solidburn off
Overspeed off

This is the top disc of the spindle scanned at 4x and 8x.

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Looks like 4X is the better option.

That 8x burn is really bad.

Just to clarify, those are 2 scans of the same physical disk that had been burnt at 8x. One is scanned at 4x, the other at 8x. At “maximum” scan speed (not posted), the quality was up at 94% again.

I means 4X burn speed.