Are these Panasonic BD-Rs worth getting?



On eBay

50x Panasonic BD-R 25GB 4x for about $85.

While they sound like a bargain, I have a feeling they are very different from the “50 Year Archival Life” ones which cost north of $4 each.



I’ve used these for the past year and the burn quality is first class - probably even better than the 50 year branded ones. However, I’ve obviously not had them long enough to know whether they will last 50 years, or even 5 years. I suspect being Panasonic they will last as long or longer than most other discs - but that’s just a guess. In the end - you pay your money and make your choice.


How can you tell “the burn quality is … probably even better than the 50 year branded ones”?


Because I’ve done quality scans of many burns for both types of disc using Opti Drive Control on my Lite-on iHBS312.

I should point out for the sake of accuracy that Panasonic dropped the “50 year” branding in the UK some time back. But I was told by Panasonic that the discs had not changed - just the branding.

The average results are: