Are these old laptop drives good enough?


I plan to write 50-100 backup & archival discs spanning over a year or so.

I keep reading how new optical drives are unilaterally bad I wonder if I’m better burning using one my old laptop drives instead of buying a new LG or Liteon.

I have:

  • NEC ND-6650A

  • TSST SN-S098H

  • TSST TS-L633B

  • HL-DT-ST GMA-4082N

Is it worth buying a new 5.25 drive or those will do the job?

I know only the TS-L633B, the other drives you mentioned all all very old.

If the 633 is in good shape it will do the job. It can also make quality scan with Ner CDSpeed and Opti Drive Control.

I would say you burn a disc and make a quality scan, post the scan here and we will say if it is good or bad.

That’s a good idea. Last time I used L633B it was acting funny but it may be the usb enclosure. I’ll connect it directly and try. Others were barely used for burning.