Are these official TY discs?

Im just curios are the official geniune quality TY discs as im considering buying some.


yes they are real fuji ty’s

Just recieved 2 packs of them, hope they’re good!

Got more than that :slight_smile: - and they are great!

I recently bought a pack of printable TY disks, but after checking them in DVD Identifier, they show as having Mitsubishi dye.

Are they still genuine TY disks ?

They burn at 12x in my NEC3520, despite being rated at 8x, so I’m not complaining. Price was okay too, so I’m not complaining there either. But I just want to know if they actually ARE what they SAY they are :stuck_out_tongue:

(see attached screen grab from DVD Identifier)

No, those are not TY. They are MCC, ususally sold as Verbatim, generally made by Prodisc, CMC, or occasionally Moser Baer in India. TY discs would indicate TYG02 for -R 8X. I would say you received equal value.