Are these not the highest error rates you've ever seen?

This disc, sold in New Zealand a few years ago under the “Melody” brand, was burned at 24x (it’s rated for 32x) in 2002 with an LG burner (most likely my 40x), which also burned the RiTEK 16x disc I post for comparision.

Read using my LiteON SOHW-812S with US0S firmware, I have never in my life seen a disc perform so badly and still be vaguely readable. (I can play one or two of the audio tracks on it!).

This is probably the best reason you will ever have to not buy Postech discs :wink: - no scratches at all, has been stored in a jewel case in a cool, non-damn place…

For comparision, here’s a RiTEK 16x disc (sold as TDK 16x) which has quite a bit of surface scratching, that was burnt with the same burner a bit earlier, and read with the same burner at max speed:

I hope Postech are out of business by now…

mistakenly posted a hellish dvd scan instead of a cd scan

(unfortunately [well fortunately!] i don’t get bad cd’s, very rarely have since cd burning was invented) :bow:

The difference is that KyRoWire was scanning CD’s not DVD’s. Thats why the error rates are higher.

I actually think that its the worst scan of a cd that i have ever seen.

agggggh sorry, i wasn’t paying enough attention, that’ll teach me to try to work and read posts over lunch. i shall edit it out and save for a DVD post

‘POS’ tech, an appropriate name for the media :Z

What you are seeing in that scan is the limits of the drive for reporting errors. If it were possible to get the drive to report more errors, the results would have been worse. :eek:

Heh, here’s another disc burnt a few years after that (from the same pack):

Seems to be suffering the same fate. The front side of the cd has discoloured aswell… my gawd.

For some more laughs, here’s a CMC Magnetics 8x cyanine disc brand “Mr. Data” from around 5 years ago - note: it wouldn’t read at anything above 12x, so take the slow read speed into account!!!:

Poor, poor people who bought such discs in quantities above “small” :wink:

LOL - 2 words…

Landfill Material


offer them as coasters for coffee mugs as presents :smiley: