Are these media any good for backups?

I have some Datawrite Red (V3) 4x DVD-Rs and I need to know are these any good for DVD movie and PS2 game backups. I have used some bulkpaq blank media for movie backups and the playback on my DVD players were not good at all. Are these Datawrite brand media better for backups?

its not possible to tell without knowin the mediacode , use dvdidentifier take a screenshot and upload to


Hey phil… No need to upload with imageshack. Save shot as png. & upload using Manage Attachments below here. Much faster and easier. Just an F.Y.I. :iagree:

Ok here is the manufacturer Name: Infosmart Technology and the ID is:INFOSMART01

I would suggest burning one, and then run CD/DVDSPEED quality scan. They might be good enough for backups as long as they aren’t critical. For anything critical, I would use nothing but Verbatim 16x, or Taiyo Yuden.