Are these laptop memory chips compatible?

I have an extra 128MB notebook memory chip that was taken from a DELL Inspiron 1100 laptop and looking to possibly install it in a Compaq Presario 2100 laptop. Do these two laptops essentially use the same type of memory chips and will the memory from the DELL work in the Compaq without any problems. Or could I possibly damage the Compaq by installing this memory that came from a DELL?

  1. Please check the type of memory that is in your Compaq. A good and free software for this purpose:

  2. Check the Memory taken from the DELL and compare the speed (For example: PC2700 (166 MHz)).

  3. If the memory speed of the Compaq is higher than of the DELL memory module, than you will gain almost nothing.

  4. If you install the memory module, don’t forget TO TURN OFF the computer and TAKE OUT the battery of the computer.

Good luck.

we are planning to buy 1 gb ddr 266/333 memory for toshiba p-25 laotop
if i have yo choose between samsung(195$) and kingston (222$)
what will be the better choise?
please somone…

get kingston, and next time its best to make a new thread rather than ‘jump in’ on someone elses.