Are these good?

I’m in the US and a noob to DL disc but would like to try a few are these the good ones

I know some of you are high on the Falcon Pro’s which are inkjet hub printable (I prefer) but how do they compare to the above Verbatims about equal?

Verbatim DL is the old staple, and is a fallback for most anyone trying to burn DL media on most any drive. They should be more widely supported & better supported.

FTI’s DL is made using Ricoh technology (well, the bulk of what we’ve been seeing). The quality of the disc model before being made by FTI has varied wildly, and the media code for the Ricoh disc model is often faked, meaning that some drives have had sub-par strategies for the real, good media FTI is producing. If you have a newer drive, though, FTI media would be just as good, as we’ve determined with our “amateur” disc scanning & testing techniques.

What we don’t know, however, is the longevity. No one has yet reported of either set of discs degrading, but FTI has only been making the DL discs using Ricoh technology for a very short time relative to Verbatim/MKM, whose media has been widely used since the inception of DL burning & has had very few reported occurrences of rapid degradation.

Overall, though, start out with the Verbatim media and later try out the Falcon Pro for yourself. Or go based on price; it couldn’t hurt to have one or the other be good, reliable, and cheap for your needs.