Are these good deals?

Hi guys,

I was just wondering if any these were worth my hard earned pennies, as they seem quite cheap…

Ricoh DVD+R 16x

Hyundai 8x DVD-R

I’ve got some TYG02’s for important backups, but just fancied doing some experimenting. I’ve got a Benq DW1650 BCDC.


The RICOHJPN R03 would be a better option than the Hyundai - call me fussy, but I wouldn’t touch Hyundai media with a 10 foot pole. :slight_smile:

Cause they are fake thats why.

If you really must choose between them 2 then just go for the Ricoh. Hyndai is horrible media.

Why not just use, if the media is crap you can send it back and they will refund you.

I know, that’s why I wouldn’t touch them :iagree:

And you’re another one that puts SPV :bigsmile:…I dunno what the OP will get if that link is clicked :bigsmile: - for all your media needs :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
You’d get this: #1 When you want this:#2

LOL! I wasn’t gonna click it, in case it turned out to be something kinky :bigsmile:

Hyundai = fake TYG02 + YUDEN000 T02.

Hi :slight_smile:
See what a dirty little thought can do. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you were a born again virgin like me, these thoughts would never arise. :bigsmile:

Or MCC also fake

Sorry i put the wrong address. I think its cause i use an SPV C550 mobile phone, lol WWW.SVP.CO.UK for those of you who are confused!

Yeah, the website the OP linked to was Hyundai listed as MCC. And as chancooluk says, we know they’re fake :iagree:

@zebadee - you, a born again virgin? HA! :bigsmile:

I’ll 1up you, I wouldn’t bother running these discs over with a Hyundai :slight_smile: .

ROTFL! :bigsmile: :clap:

Yo z-

What program did you use to accomplish that-eh??


There’s a guy on SVP posted that the Hyundai disks just use the MCC mid code, but SVP respond that MCC licence or sell their stampers so the media is not technicaly fake. Odviously it is not manufactured by MCC, and SVP don’t contradict that it’s not MCC dye. I’d run a mile from these myself.

Ah, so they have swtiched from fake TY to fake MCC. Glad to see they are still on par. :eek:

LOL :bigsmile: