Are these good burns?

See attachments. All burned with FW 2C8 or 2C7. Are these good burns? What about those PI &PIF spikes, are those errors?

1st is fuji 2.4x - ricohjpnr00
2nd is imation 4x - ricohjpnr01
3rd is memorex 4x - cmc magf01
4th is memorex 4x - ricohjpnr01
5th is memorex 8x - prodiscr03

Those spikes happened around 2.9GB consistently

Forgot to mention, my burner is NEC 3500AG 2.C8 or 2.C7

Do you have the same problem?

Ignore the spikes. good burns.

The burns look very good :slight_smile:

As far as I remember, you can press a button in Kprobe to remove the spikes.

Otherwise the burns look good.

Do homer, 4X scan speed is the standard for best comparison not max, re-scan @4X the first disc the spikes might dissapeare.

Dah, how to scan at 4X. Kprobe does not seem to allow to set the scan speed.

Here is the scan for MCC 8X, it only burned at 4X :sad:

just set read speed to 4X defalt is max.