Are these dvds dodgey?

Ok so I’ve had links to this forum and I see you people know your stuff about dvd media. So I’ve bought 3 50x spindles of Maxell 16x 4.7GB DVD-R disks with the manufacture code RITEKF1. I’ve used about 75 disks by now out of them and just started to notice something about my disks. At first I thought it was dodgey burning but it figures it is not. I now burn all my disks at 6x speed because it gives the perfect looking burnt surface without seeing lots of lines and stuff with give the impression of a bad burn. Also it only takes 10 minutes on my Toshiba drive. I didn’t buy the, disks because they are 16x, I got them because they are Maxell and cheap so the is irrelevant.
But anyways onto the problem. If you look really carefully on the writable surface of the disk I notice a small dot about a millimeter in diameter. The position is random around the disk but always at the same distance from the edge of the disk (I think). Looking at it so light shines off it, it looks like a slight bubbly area on the disk where the plastic film has come up very slightly. Looking straight down at it, it appears to be a different colour to the burnt surface. And that is what scares me.
It appears as if the ‘bubble’ has stopped the disk from burning on that area. This very hard to see dot is on every disk which has been burnt with enough data to burn over that area. It took a long time to realize but I noticed that if you look VERY carefully at the disk before it is burnt you can see the little bubble of film. However you cant see it without the light reflecting off it.

So my question is are these disks dodgey? They are on every disk I burnt with enough data on and it happens in all 3 reels of dvds. Also Argos did a bad delivery and missed some products out, and then when we had them resent they sent us the wrong ones (which were the same disks which I ordered). Even these reels of disk have this mark on it! The mark is virtually impossible to take a photo of. Apparently the RITEKF1 die is supposed to be good.
I’ve reburnt my whole dvd collection with these and I really don’t want to do it again. I was already p’d off when I tried to backup some disks onto double layer and discovered they were corrupted at the layer break :sad:.

Also is there any chance I could have a heads up on roughly how long these disks will last?

Compare the Maxell with Ritek media code and the Verbatims, now you decide if they’re dodgey?

Which is why most around here recommend using good/reliable media…
Maxell hardly falls in the “good media” category IMO…

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So my question is are these disks dodgey? They are on many disks I burnt with enough data on and I tried burning the same disk I’d been constantly burning with a disk from another reel and it still had the mark. Also I tried burning it on my Pioneer drive and I got the same results showing the problem is not the burner (although the drive only seems to be able to burn the disk at 4x even though it goes ATLEAST up to 8x. Also Argos did a bad delivery and missed some products out, and then when we had them resent they sent us the wrong ones (which were the same disks which I ordered). However when I burnt this it did not have the mark (got one from the wrong reel lol). But, the disk had visible tracks (is it called?) and they weren’t smoothly blended in like they were with my other well burnt disks. But come on, I’m burning at 6x, what’s up with it!

@t0nee1: What brands fall into the good media category (other than Verbatim)

I use Verbs, but others highly recommend Taiyo Yuden media…
Once in a while I’ll get some Sonys or Memosux media on sale which I keep for emergencies , which are ok,I guess shrugs:o

If you’re in the UK, the Maxell 16x +R (RICOHJPN R03) have been good for me. I tend to burn at 8x, and I’ve backed up plenty of movies on them. Playback is flawless. However, I’m not sure about the longevity of them, so I use them for “Everyday use” (i.e stuff I have backed up on Verbies).

But if you’re planning to keep your backups for quite some time, I’d go Verbies or Sony.

Hi Arachne, I’m glad I’m not the only one to recommend the Sony (sorta), I’ve used them before and they’ve burned ok for me…:slight_smile:

Same here t0nee - I’ve got Sony discs that are a fair few years old now, and apart from one (yes, one) dodgy disc, they burn OK for me, too. :slight_smile:

No doubt you keep them stashed away safely…:smiley:

Ok you know what these disks do seem like rubbish to me, I’m going to get some verbatim as they are so highly recommended. Check it you can get a cake tub of 100 for £28 at maplin.
It doesn’t give much detail on the site but do these disks have these 2 features listed below as found on other AZO cake boxes in the cake box from maplin?
* Matt Silver Disc Surface
* Superior Archival life (apparently up to 100 years :O)