Are these dvd-r any good?

Mirror dvd-r £5 for 25

also seen dvd-9 and dvd-5 chatted about. what exactly do these formats mean?

All the possibilities look pretty awful, I’d say no.

DVD-9 refers to a dual layer DVD, and DVD-5 to a single layer DVD.

I agree they are crap.

I wouldn’t buy them for 1 penny a piece.

Thanks for replying dudes. any hints on which (with prices) are best?

OPTODISC 8x are quite good for the price

You’re in the UK? Verbatim for about 9 to 10 quid is good. You can get it at the computer fair in london for that much. (Printable x16 +R, think minus was cheaper).

NEVER buy bulqpaq, i’ve lost tens of gig of data because of them degrading over time and me not knowing about it :a

Hi Katie, take a look at known as SVP also. Choose a week when the post is cheap/cheaper!! Good luck.