Are these dual-layer blurays lth?

They weren’t in the box shown:

They’re brown/black on the bottom. Also, I’ve been buying my single layers from the same place, because they were lth, but now they’ve tripled in price. Are these good enough despite not being lth (at least, doesn’t say lth on the packet):

Finally, what are these ritek blurays like? Because I can get them locally for almost half the price of these ebay ones.

And finally finally, are pioneer burners still among the best brands?

I’m not aware of any LTH DL BD-Rs, those Verbatims are certainly HTL.
The Verbatim single layer BD-Rs 6x are either CMCMAGBA5 HTL (DataLife), or VERBATIMe HTL (DateLife Plus/Professional line).
I don’t recommend RiCrap media, due to bad results I’ve had and seen all over the place.
And yes, Pioneer are still among the few remaining manufacturers of BD writers, and for sure among the best.

I’m in the same geography. MSY disks are cheap but low quality they’ll burn fine but won’t last long. The blue Verbatim spindle for me was CMC and emits very strong chemical odour. Haven’t tried the DL disks you listed.

Get Panasonic media Japanese sellers list on eBay Australia or white/yellow Verbatim DL spindles of 50 which to this day have been turning out with Panasonic MIDs. I normally get them with eBay discount vouchers. Ask the seller whether they’re made in Japan. They’re the only proper disks you can source down under and the quality won’t be matched by anything else coupled with a Pioneer burner.

Regarding the verbatim blurays I bought, I thought they were coming in jewel cases, the seller has actually opened them, put them on a spindle and put cling wrap around it. I couldn’t see any dust on the first disc, but is this going to affect the burn or longevity? They didn’t have a foam “stopper” to stop the discs from moving up the spindle, either.

They should be ok as long as there’s not surface damage. Most of the sellers list them in description as repackaged which is quite common on eBay now due to postage costs.