Are these CD-R DLP Verbs OK?



Hey guys,
I bought these from and Ive since come across a thread or two warning about the guy running this so I thought I’d get you guys to check that these are OK.

From what I’ve seen on these forums it looks like Verbies can be faked as well. These look genuine though the caketin has a simple white label with black print with DLP written on it and MIT with a few other basic particulars. I’m sure I’ve seen a post on these forums with an identicle label which is stuck on the caketin or I’d scan it and post it… This is the info I gathered from Nero and looking at the hubcodes.

BRAND Verbatim DLP
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
MediaCode 97m34s23f
Inner Hub # A6402I(i)80839032
Other # near dye ZD6562-CDR-A80A A70
OTHER COMMENTS 50Pc Spindle White Inkjet Printable
Purchased from blankcd Mid Dec 06
Purchase Price 29NZ$'s +$5 Shipping
Dye Type 3

All the disks have Verbatim Data Life Plus written/stamped neatly in black ink on the clear hub part. On the Inner hub code Ive written the " i " in brackets in lower case to differentiate between an I and a 1.

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Can you paste disc info from nero CD speed? That would be much easier to confirm 100%

Though I do think it’s AZO dye so you should be ok.


ATIP matches Mitsubishi/Verbatim DataLifePlus Super AZO media. :iagree:

The ZD code is also a Mitsubishi style code, although not identical to my Super AZO CD-R (ZD6524-CDR-A80A A70).


Hey guys,

My Nero CD Speed may be very very outdated to yours :o and at the bottom of my post here is all I can glean from it. Mines from 0.85fbeta. Whether this makes a big diff or not I don’t know. Does yours show more info than this? From what I’ve been reading here, its the hubcode that is the real telling factor as to what’s genuine and whats not so thats why I put the code in.

The data side of the disks are quite a dark greeny blue and the unburnt area of both the disks are the same colour more or less, but the burnt area of the 10pk is a little darker than the burnt area of the 50pc disk. The disk from the 10pack is a “data disk” and the disk out of the 50pc is an audio. Whether that makes a difference I don’t know.

I just checked the hubcodes on some Branded Verbie DLP Super Azo which came in a 10 pack in slim Cases

Inner hub A5D07D1149152
Dye area (extreeeeemely hard to read, as it was only showing the top 1/2 of the characters and I used a little magnifying glass) Not sure if there is a hyphen on the disk but Ive used one for clarity in between the sections.

ZD 0 8or9? 7 8or9? - CDR - A? 0? 0? A? - AZO or A7O

Disc information

Type : audio
Tracks : 11 (0 data, 11 audio)
Capacity : 61:10.34 (275284 sectors)

CD-R(W) information
Manufacturer : Mitsubishi
Media code : 97m34s23f
Dye type : 3
Disc Type : CD-R
Capacity : 79:59.73

Thanks for your input :clap:


Well the easiest way of knowing is seeing that they are that dark green colour and not that light pale green colour.

But yes all sings say 100% Super Azo Verbatim, which is very good.


Heh, cd pirate

all sings say

errr uuummm I think you mean signs… mind you I don’t mind singing right now :iagree: :slight_smile:





Inner Hub # [I]A6402I(i)80839032 [/I]
Other # near dye [I]ZD6562-CDR-A80A A70[/I] (shouldn’t it be AZO instead of A70?)

This is excellent media. It has been most likely made by CMC in Taiwan or China. CMC generally (IMO) make better Verbatim Super Azo CD-R than Moser Baer India do. Sadly I only have 100 of the CMC-made Super Azo CD-R left.


On my Verbatim DL+ Super Azo, the bottom of the characters in this code are cut off so it could be AZO but it looks like A70. The ZD actually looks like 7D.

In any case this is a Mitsubishi style code.


Yep, as Dragemester says the characters are cut off and no matter which angle you look at them you can only see the top 1/2. So the the Z could be a 7

Oooo I just looked and I’ve kept the plastic wrap from my pack of 10 in slim cases, and it says MIT. So just to reiterate, both the caketin of 50 and the ones Ive just mentioned are MIT. :iagree:

I’ve never seen any media made in India here yet.

Musical :slight_smile:


Keep the MIT ones, they’re very valuable. :slight_smile:


Ohhh… You’ve missed a lot :iagree:


Ohhh… You’ve missed a lot

missed a lot??? Maybe you would like to tell me what :iagree:

Keep the MIT ones, they’re very valuable.

kg, are the MIT Verbs generally getting harder and harder to get or what? :sad: Though I can’t find them directly in my area :doh: and we have a good sized (for NZ that is) city in our province, they have certainly been obtainable easy peazy in other areas. :iagree: maybe I should do a wee search and keep up to date on this.

I actually went to get a local store to order some in for me and they wouldn’t!!! even though they were carrying that brand so it wasn’t like they couldn’t get them!!! Their service is :Z :a

Oh Iv’e not seen anything made in China either. Thats not to say media from these countries isn’t in NZ its just I haven’t seen it in my neck of the woods.
Next time I look I’ll take particular notice of things like Imation which I normally give a wiiiide birth, and see where theyre made.

For me, I dont see the point or the sense in media that’s only gonna last a year or so, so I would far sooner pay a bit more and have something reliable than dirt cheap stuff that lasts “5 minutes” . 10 years would be much more like it and preferably 20, but the longer the better :clap: I still have a turntable that I still fireup now and again. I still use tapedecks though I record digitally. CD’s will be around for a loooooong time yet me thinks :iagree: because people in general get sick of change change change and they’ll only do it under duress. I speak generally. So a lot of the hype of new technology isn’t what its cracked up to be where everybody is suddenly get swept off their feet so to speak.

Anyway thumbs up to DLP verbies and they’ve always had that nice look about them :iagree: I think if people store and handle their stuff with care as much as possible then that goes a long way to helping the cause :iagree:

Cheers Musical. :slight_smile: