Are these CD-R any good?



CD-R for print ,made in Taiwan

I want to know the manufacure date of it. :slight_smile:


Could be anything :frowning:
If it doesn’t mention Azo somewhere (no, it doesn’t), it is most likely average Prodisc. Nothing special.


I don’t think he’s asking for the manufacturer.


Interesting packaging none the less.


Looks like something older (maybe 2002 or 2003) as it is 48x and not 52x. :slight_smile:

This was slightly confusing as the thread title is “Are these CD-R any good?” :iagree:


em…I buy it at a very low price, $2.5, 10 slim packs, so I want to know whether it is too old.


Well I wouldnt buy these when looking at the condition of the package…The discs itself are prodisc made. According to package design I would say these are 2 to 3 years old.


I have seen much worse packaging and perfectly usable discs in those, as jewel cases usually have another packaging.
But slim cases are often not packed with shrinkwrap… :frowning:

FYI, Amazon (actually, an Amazon reseller) still has those discs in stock, so it can’t be too old :bigsmile: